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Articles in the General Interest category

Routledge is committed to publishing information of the highest quality and we are a leading publisher of a wide range of books for everyone, from the general interest reader to the dedicated professional. Discover more about our featured selections below in Anthropology.

Recent General Interest Articles

  1. Anthropology 2014 Catalog Now Available

    The Routledge Anthropology 2014 Catalog is now available to view online.

    From introductory guides to textbooks, and reference handbooks to monographs, we're confident that you will find the right book to suit your needs. 

  2. LSE Review of Eller’s Cultural Anthropology

    The London School of Economics Review of Books has written a glowing review of Cultural Anthropology: Global Forces, Local Lives 2nd Edition over at their website.

    Reviewer Sneha Krishnan highlights Jack David Eller's "engaging style and critical rigour" and praises the book as "a competent and thorough introduction to cultural anthropology, and a very important addition to the resources for teaching in that discipline". Read the full review here.

  3. Globalization From Below - The World’s Other Economy

    Globalization From Below is a must read for students of globalization, economic anthropology and developing-world economics.

  4. Anthropologists, Indigenous Scholars and the Research Endeavour

    This collection offers the fruits of a stimulating workshop that sought to bridge the fraught relationship which sometimes continues between anthropologists and indigenous/native/aboriginal scholars, despite areas of overlapping interest.

  5. Featured Book: Environmental Anthropology Today

    Can some of the greatest environmental challenges in global history be repaired using anthropology?  Environmental Anthropology Today employs a range of ethnographic work across disciplines to explore our overall understanding of how to survive as citizens of the planet.

  6. Being Alive

    New Books by Tim Ingold Now Available

    2011 has been an exciting year for Routledge Anthropology books with the publication of not one, but two Tim Ingold books.

  7. Interview with Kaori O’Connor

    Earlier this month, Kaori O'Connor spoke with the ABC Radio National program Counterpoint about her new book, Lycra.  The interview is online, and you can listen to it here!

  8. Routledge Anthropology On Twitter

    You can now follow Routledge Anthropology on Twitter @routledge_anth. We'll keep you up to date with books, give you free access to journal articles, and update you on what conferences we're going to.

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