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Articles in the General Interest category

Routledge is committed to publishing information of the highest quality and we are a leading publisher of a wide range of books for everyone, from the general interest reader to the dedicated professional. Discover more about our featured selections below in Archaeology & Museum Studies.

Recent General Interest Articles

  1. Archaeology 2014 Catalog Now Available

    The Routledge Archaeology 2014 Catalog is now available to view online.

    From introductory guides to textbooks, and reference handbooks to monographs, we are confident you that you will find the right book to suit your needs. 

    Click here to view the online catalog, or download the PDF

  2. Women's Studies: The Basics

    International Women’s Day - Free Access to Routledge’s Women and Gender Titles All Weekend

    On International Women's Day, Routledge is joining celebrations across the world to honor women's achievements throughout history. This year, we've decided to give you free online access to a number of Routledge Women Studies resources from Saturday 8th March to Monday 10th March.

  3. Relational Archaeologies

    Many of us accept as uncontroversial the belief that the world is comprised of detached and disparate products, all of which are reducible to certain substances. Of those things that are alive, we acknowledge that some have agency while others, such as humans, have more advanced qualities such as consciousness, reason and intentionality. So deeply-seated is this metaphysical belief that many of us tacitly assume past groups approached and apprehended the world in a similar fashion. Relational Archaeologies questions how such a view of human beings, ‘other-than-human’ creatures and things affects our reconstruction of past beliefs and practices.

  4. Reclaiming Archaeology

    The time is ripe for archaeologists to address a wider audience and engage in theoretical debates from a position of equality, not of subalternity. Reclaiming Archaeology explores how archaeology can be useful to rethink modernity’s big issues, and more specifically late modernity (broadly understood as the 20th and 21st centuries). It includes essays from a diverse array of archaeologists who have dealed in one way or another with modernity, including scholars from non-Anglophone countries who have approached the issue in original ways during recent years, as well as contributors from other fields who engage in a creative dialog with archaeology and the work of archaeologists.

    Click here to learn more!

  5. World Heritage Day 2013

    World Heritage Day is a celebration of cultural heritage and an opportunity to raise awareness of the need for protection and conservation of historically and culturally significant sites and collections. With this in mind we have assembled a selection of titles for you to browse.

  6. Essential Resources for the British Archaeologist

    Whether you are a student taking your first steps into the word of archaeology, an experienced professional, or someone simply interested in digging deeper into the past, we have put together a selection of titles from Routledge that no practicing, aspiring or training British archaeologist should be without.

  7. So you want to do archaeology?

    You've seen it on television, or visited heritage sites, and now you think you want to do archaeology for yourself. If this sounds like you, then read Don Henson's step by step guide on what archaeology is, and how to get into it here.

    Don Henson is author of Doing Archaeology published July 18th 2012.

  8. The Roman Empire Around 200 CE Wall Map

    Wall Maps for the Ancient World

    Wall Maps for the Ancient World are a series of seven maps from Ancient Egypt to the world of the New Testament, available individually or as a complete set. With rich geographic detail and visual clarity, these maps offer invaluable aid to students of the ancient Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern worlds and their teachers.

    Available now for the first time as e-books, these maps can be viewed on your computer or tablet in high resolution detail. View our online catalog to find out more.

  9. Go Green with Routledge eBooks!

    Did you know that Routledge offers books in earth-friendly electronic editions? Many of our titles are also available to course instructors as complimentary e-inspection copies. Click here to find out more!

  10. Article on Ancient Graffiti in Smithsonian Magazine

    July’s Smithsonian magazine featured a fascinating article about how we can increase our understanding of historical periods by studying ancient graffiti. Read the full article.

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