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Articles in the Research & Reference category

Routledge has an illustrious history in research and reference publishing. You can explore this area of the site to learn more about our featured research, reference, monographs, handbooks and major works in Archaeology & Museum Studies. In addition, you can visit one of following areas for broad representation of our reference publishing program:

Recent Research & Reference Articles

  1. Sharing Archaeology: Academe, Practice and the Public

    "This volume provides an outlet for ‘new’ perspectives on the growing field of public archaeology from areas currently underrepresented in the literature. Its broad mix of case studies and empirical chapters offer students and practicing professionals information to improve understanding of the ways that information is shared between stakeholders. The wide range of topics will do much to increase the ways that writers integrate regional perspectives in global issues." – Joe Watkins, University of Oklahoma, USA  

  2. Now Available - Open-Air Rock-Art Conservation and Management

    Routledge is pleased to announce the publication of Open-Air Rock-Art Conservation and Management: State of the Art and Future Perspectives. This book evaluates rock-art conservation in an holistic way, bringing together researchers from across the world to share experiences of work in progress or recently completed.  Read more...

  3. Free to View: Special Issues of Museum Management and Curatorship

    Routledge is delighted to announce that selected special issues of Museum Management and Curatorship, are free to view in their entirety for the month of September. 

  4. Knowledge Networks and Craft Traditions in the Ancient World: Material Crossovers

    Routledge is pleased to announce the publication of Knowledge Networks and Craft Traditions in the Ancient World: Material Crossovers, an original and fascinating investigation of knowledge networks based on materials and associated technologies in Prehistoric Europe and the Classical Mediterranean.  Read more

  5. Out Now - Memorylands: Heritage and Identity in Europe Today

    Routledge is pleased to announce the publication of Memorylands, an original and fascinating investigation into the nature of heritage from renowned scholar and author Sharon Macdonald


  6. New from Research in Museum Studies: Museum Communication and Social Media

    Now more than ever social media platforms are affecting how cultural consumers interact with the world around them. This penetrating new study edited by Kirsten Drotner and Kim Christian Schroder examines how such recent developments have transformed the museum experience for connected visitors and what the future might hold. 


  7. US Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology

    An essential part of your foreign relations toolkit?

    Routledge author Morag Kersel hosts “Agent of Diplomacy” at the University of Toronto on February 28th, a workshop on the role of archaeology in the diplomatic and cultural heritage policies of the United States.

    Morag is co-author of US Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology, available now from Routledge.

  8. The Sumerian World

    "This skillfully crafted volume will be required reading for students and researchers of the ancient world..." - David Wengrow, Professor of Comparative Archaeology, UCL

    "...the state of the art in Sumerian studies." - Geoff Emberling, University of Michigan, USA

    Edited by the renowned archaeologist Harriet Crawford and with contributions from a host of globaly respected scholars, The Sumerian World is an authoratative, comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the archaeology, history and art of Southern Mesoptamia.

    Recommend this title to your librarian.

  9. Ancient Alterity in the Andes: A Recognition of Others

    This volume is the first major treatment on ancient alterity: how people in the past regarded others. Focusing on the achievements of the ancient Andes during the first millennium AD and using the framework of alterity, the book rethinks the period’s rich cultural interaction between coeval groups. Read more...

  10. NEW: An Archaeology of the Cosmos: Rethinking Agency and Religion in Ancient America

    "This is an excellent book which should have a profound impact on the discipline of archaeology." - Mike Parker Pearson, University College London, UK.

    "Everything Pauketat writes makes you think...a bold, original work that greatly refines archaeological understandings of religion." - Wendy Ashmore, University of California, Riverside, USA

    An Archaeology of the Cosmos is a challenging and through provoking book. Authored by one of the most original archaeological theorists writing today, Timothy Pauketat introduces scholars and students to recent theoretical approaches to agency and belief, providing a solid grounding in archaeological context and case studies.

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