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5 minutes with Matthew Cousins - September 2012

The new edition of Matthew Cousins' book, The Architect's Legal Pocket Book is now available

Watch this space, this handy and indispensible guide could well usurp its coveted predecessors and emerge as the essential guide for the next generation of architects and students. –Ike Ijeh,

What are the 3 main reason architects and architectural students should buy your book?

  • The book provides a clear, simple and understandable overview of the current legal principles and law for architects and architecture students.
  • The book is written in an accessible size and simple format providing useful and up to date information on a wide range of relevant issues of professional practice.
  • The book is written by a practising architect and is for architects and architecture students for use in the office, on the desk, on site and to adminster a project. 

2. What piece of advice have you found invaluable that you would give to a new architecture student?

Be open minded, visit as many different cities and buildings as you can, work hard and most importantly - enjoy it

3. You are a professional Architect yourself can you briefly give us an example of when you found the Architect’s Legal Pocketbook an invaluable source of information?

Being able to understand and have an overview of the planning system especially when completing planning applications and discussing projects with planning officers. Having an overview and understanding of the many different forms of appointment and procurement routes when undertaking a new project and discussing a project with clients. Recognising the architect's duty of care, liability, risk and responsibility.

4. Tell us one unknown fact about yourself ..( this can be anything from your favorite food to an anecdote from a recent trip)

I used to be called twinkle toes for my dribbling skills on the football pitch!

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