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Featured Title - Twenty Buildings Every Architect Should Understand

Simon Unwin is the author of the best selling book, Analysing Architecture..He is currently Professor at the University of Dundee. His new book Twenty Buildings Every Architect Should Understand is out in March. An interview with Simon can be found in the Architecture Author of the Month folder.


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Have you ever wondered how the ideas behind the world’s greatest architectural designs came about? What process does an architect go through to design buildings which become world-renowned for their excellence?

Twenty Buildings Every Architect Should Understand reveals the secrets behind these buildings. He asks you to ‘read’ the building and understand its starting point by analyzing its final form. Through the gradual revelations made by an understanding of the thinking behind the form, you learn a unique methodology which can be used every time you look at any building.

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Table of Contents

Introduction La Casa Del Ojo De Agua Neuendorf House Barcelona Pavillion Truss Wall House Endless House Farnsworth House La Congiunta Le Cabanon Esherick House Maison A Bordeaux Il Danteum Fallingwater Villa Savoye Kempsey Guest Studio Condominium One, Sea Ranch Villa E.1027 Church of St Peter, Klippan Villa Busk Villa Mairea Thermal Baths, Vals Endword Acknowledgements Index