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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

Recent Articles

  1. Our catalog of titles form recently acquired M.E. Sharpe

    Click here for a full listing of titles in Business, Economics, History, and more!

  2. Cultural Anthropology: 101

    "Cultural Anthropology: 101 is a jargon free, concise introduction to socio-cultural anthropology. The text offers a platform to a sub-discipline of anthropology, illustrating its major theories and concepts to the larger anthropological discipline and our ever-changing world. Undergraduates will discover an engaging text that offers numerous opportunities for further exploration".

    Gregory R. Campbell, The University of Montana

    Click here to learn more. 

  3. Check out for Advertising catalog

    Click here for a full break down of all research, reference, textbooks, and professional titles relating to advertising.  

  4. Our 2015 Business Catalog is live!

    Check out our full catalog of business titles including short form research, textbooks, and professional titles.  

    Learn more.

  5. Sport Science 40th Anniversary Conference

    2015 marks 40 years since Liverpool John Moores University became the first institution to have a single honours program in sport science.

  6. Optimize Revision Competition

    Three prizes, three ways to enter, three chances to win! Click here to see the different prizes and start entering now. 

  7. Dissociation in Traumatized Children and Adolescents

    NEW  Dissociation in Traumatized Children and Adolescents presents a series of unique and compelling case studies written by some of the foremost international experts in the study of dissociation in young people.

  8. “Is sustainability a possibility?”

    Robert Jones, author of Psychology of Sustainability: An Applied Perspective, discusses his new textbook and whether sustainability is a possibility in this new video from Missouri State University.

  9. Stacy Pratt McDermott on Mary Lincoln

    "I set out to write a biography that illustrates the richly human qualities of historical experience through the eyes of a woman who, like all of us, was flawed."

    Stacy Pratt McDermott, author of  Mary Lincoln: Southern Girl, Northern Woman, on why she chose to tell Mary Lincoln's story from her own perspective. 

    Click here to read the full article. 

  10. Textbook Top Pick: The English Legal System, 16e

    See what the newest updates are to the 16th edition of authoritative and trusted textbook by Garry Slapper and David Kelly.

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