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Recent Articles

  1. Steve Redhead launches new YouTube Channel

    Routledge author Steve Redhead has a new YouTube channel where you can find fascinating insights into his work. Click here to check out his recent videos on football and culture.

    To find out more about Steve's upcoming book Football and Accelerated Culture simply click here.

  2. Erroll Southers discusses the Charleston shootings and the ‘T’ word

    After the recent tragic attack on Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, Erroll Southers shares his thoughts on terrorism, race and religion. Click here to read the full blog post on

    For more information on Erroll's book Homegrown Violent Extremism please click here.

  3. Goethe Award for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Scholarship

    Congratulations to Philip A. Ringstrom, author of A Relational Psychoanalytic Approach to Couples Psychotherapy winner of the 2014 Goethe Award for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Scholarship presented by the Canadian Psychological Association! 

  4. Contemporary Families

    NEW  “Finally, a book on contemporary families that goes beyond the myth that families still look like Duvall proposed in 1950s. Additionally,Contemporary Families:Translating Research Into Practice is a serious attempt to integrate research and practice, excellently written by clinical and research scholars. Equally valuable for both groups, the book is a must read for beginning and advanced family science and therapy students and scholars.” – Volker Thomas, PhD, Professor and Coordinator, Director of Couple and Family Therapy Program, The University of Iowa

  5. From Pregnancy to Motherhood

    JUST PUBLISHED    From Pregnancy to Motherhood: Psychoanalytic aspects of the beginning of the mother-child relationship explores the mental states associated with pregnancy, birth and the early days of motherhood from a psychoanalytic perspective. 

  6. Keep an eye out for special discounts at the EAERE conference in Helsinki this week!

    Will you be attending the EAERE conference?  Stop by, we'd love to see you!

    Find out more about the conference here.

  7. New Title: Emerging Knowledge Economies in Asia - June 28, 2015

    The book aims to identify key issues and developments in ASEAN-5 that illustrate the transition of this region towards a knowledge-based economy. The book contributes to understanding the opportunities and challenges faced by emerging economies. It explains the transition process from a knowledge based perspective, showing how knowledge creation and innovation contribute to the competitiveness of companies and sectors in this region. The book takes a distinctly ASEAN perspective by discussing examples of the transition process from all ASEAN 5 nations that show how this region is attempting to link up to the global knowledge economy of the 21st Century. 

  8. Religious Identity and Social Change

    Explaining Christian conversion in a Muslim world
    By David Radford 

    This book offers a macro and micro analysis of the dynamics of rapid social and religious change occurring within the Muslim world. Drawing on rich ethnographic and quantitative research... Read more...

  9. Stigma and the Shaping of the Pornography Industry

    By Georgina Voss 

    The idea of ‘pornography’ is oftentimes employed to invoke titillation, anger, and disgust. Stigma and the Shaping of the Pornography Industry explores the effects that this stigmatized identity has on the pornography industry itself... Read more...

  10. New Title: Gender and Climate Change Financing - June 25, 2015

    This book discusses the state of global climate change policy and the financing of climate resilient public infrastructure. It explains the sources of tensions and conflict between developing and developed countries with regard to global climate protection policies, and highlights the biases and asymmetries that may work against gender equality, women’s empowerment and poverty eradication. 

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