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  1. Renewable Energy in the Countryside 3rd Edition (August 2012)

    This is one of very few books which addresses the issue of renewable energy from the point of view of landowners, farmers and rural land managers – those people who must make important decisions about how, where and when to install renewable energy sources on their land and the business implications of the decisions they make.

    The third edition of Renewable Energy in the Countryside contains a new chapter on biogas, up-to-date discussions on the implications of the Renewable Heat Initiative and new opportunities for solar energy and ground source heat in the context of farms and country houses as well as the implications of changes in UK planning policies.

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  2. Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour By Oliver Payne

    What is the answer to inspiring sustainable behavior? It starts with a question – or nineteen. With this simple and inspiring guide you'll learn how to ask for persistent, pervasive, and near-costless change by uncovering our hidden quirks, judgmental biases, and apparent irrationalities. The only change you'll need to make is how you ask.
    This book shows that simplification isn’t always the solution, an action can be the most successful question, and a default answer can be the most important.

  3. Visualizing Climate Change By Stephen R.J. Sheppard

    Carbon dioxide and global climate change are largely invisible, and the prevailing imagery of climate change is oftentimes remote (such as ice floes melting) or abstract and scientific (charts and global temperature maps).
    Using dramatic visual imagery such as 3D and 4D visualizations of future landscapes, community mapping, and iconic photographs, this book demonstrates new ways to make carbon and climate change visible where we care the most, in our own backyards and local communities.

  4. Climate Change and Tourism By Susanne Becken and John Hay

    The contribution of tourism to climate change, and the likely consequences of climate change for key tourist destinations, has been well reported and discussed. Yet, there is a lack of evidence-based systematic practical advice as to how the tourism industry should respond to the challenge of climate change. Building on a sound conceptual understanding of the links between climate change and tourism, this book shows how the tourism sector might best respond.

  5. Conservation and Sustainable Development by Jonathan Davies

    Conservation and Sustainable Development presents a variety of innovative ways that have been used to influence policy processes, from community pressure groups through elected and unelected leaders, to scientific discourse at the levels of directors of economic planning and conservation. This book analyzes experiences from a variety of conservation interventions by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and other agencies, primarily in Eastern Africa, and challenges the notion of policymaking as a cyclical process.

  6. Handbook of Crime

    Handbook on Crime

    Order your copy of Handbook on Crime by Fiona Brookman, Mike Maguire, Harriet Pierpoint, Trevor Bennett.

  7. The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) Conference September 2012

    We are going to be showcasing some of our new books and journals at The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) Conference in Poland in September. If you are going why not visit our stand, it would be great to see you. There will also be a 20% discount on all books for conference delegates.

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  8. 5 books for new landscape architects

    Five books for the new Landscape Architect handpicked by the Routledge Landscape Editor

  9. 5 books for Design Studio Modules

    Five books for Design Studio modules hand picked by the Routledge Landscape Editor

  10. Exploring the Boundaries of Landscape Architecture (August 2012)

    Exploring the Boundaries of Landscape Architecture is the first systematic attempt to explore the territory at the boundaries of landscape architecture. It addresses academics, professionals and students, not just from landscape architecture but also from its neighboring discipline, all of whom will benefit from a better understanding their areas of shared interest and the chance to develop a common language with which to converse.

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