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Recent Articles

  1. Handbooks and Companions 2011 Jacket

    Special Introductory Price Offer on 2011 Handbooks and Companions

    We are pleased to announce that a significant number of our 2011 Handbooks and Companions have special introductory prices, which are available up to three months after publication. If you would like to know which titles are included in this offer, please continue reading.

  2. New Youth Crime and Justice Titles

    Over the past year, Routledge Criminology has published several titles that address the tough issues surrounding youth crime and justice.  With up-to-date information and ideas, these titles are important for students, professionals and policy-makers alike.

  3. Philosophy Research Book of the Month, April 2011

    Keeping with the theme of Routledge Research Month, our Philosophy book of the month is research monograph The Ethics of Forgiveness, by Christel Fricke. Read this article to learn more...

  4. Routledge Research Book of the Month, April 2011

    Keeping with the theme of Routledge Research Month, our Religion book of the month is research monograph Adam Smith as Theologian, edited by Paul Oslington. Read this article to learn more...

  5. Routledge Education Author of the Month April 2011: Alan H. Schoenfeld

    Throughout his research career, Alan Schoenfeld has been pursuing the holy grail of How We Think - the question of how and why people make the decisions they do in the midst of complex activities such as teaching and medical practice (not to mention cooking!). He says he's finally nailed the theory, and his new book lays it out in some detail. The book offers detailed analyses of teaching, a doctor-patient consultation, and applications such as a characterization of teachers' developmental trajectories.

  6. Author Caroline Symons Interviewed in Windy City Times

    Caroline Symons was interviewed this week in the Windy City Times about her book The Gay Games. Symons competed in the Gay Games in 1998 and was the 2009 Federation of Gay Games Legacy Award winner.

    Read the article here.

  7. eFocus on Urban Studies - eBooks Collection for Libraries

    Urbanization has been one of the key forces in the shaping of the modern world. This extensive new resource provides a rich and diverse range of perspectives on urban phenomena.

  8. eFocus on Sexuality Studies - eBook Collections for Libraries

    The field of sexuality studies has been a growth area in academia and classes on sexuality studies have been incorporated into various disciplines. This collection both charts the growth of this area and provides material which would be relevant to a wide cross section of courses.

  9. eFocus on Postcolonialism - eBook Collection for Libraries

    Postcolonialism consists of a wide range of responses to colonialism and its ongoing legacies and is one of the most important cultural and theoretical developments of recent decades. This invaluable resource offers a range of perspectives on postcolonialism from across the humanities and social sciences.

  10. eFocus on the Internet, Culture and Society - eBook Collection for Libraries

    The internet has proved a technology with almost unprecedented impact on culture and society. This exciting new collection assesses this impact from the perspective of eighteen different academic disciplines, ranging from economics and linguistics to cultural studies and anthropology.

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