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  1. Jason Farman, Author of the Month, December 2011

    Jason Farman is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park in the Department of American Studies and a Distinguished Faculty Fellow in the Digital Cultures and Creativity Program. Farman's research focuses on embodied space in the digital age, including studies of mobile media, mapping technologies, videogames, digital storytelling, social media, digital performance art, and surveillance. 

  2. Clare Finburgh, Author of the Month, December 2011

    Clare Finburgh is Senior Lecturer in Modern Drama at the University of Essex. She has published many articles on Genet, and a range of contemporary French and Francophone theater-makers including Valère Novarina, Noëlle Renaude and Kateb Yacine. 

  3. Edward Pearsall, Author of the Month, December 2011

    Edward Pearsall holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin. He served on the faculty at Texas Tech University before joining the UT theory faculty in 1999 and is the current president of the Texas Society for Music Theory. His research addresses topics ranging from cognitive approaches to prolongation in tonal and post-tonal music to theories of rhythm, interpretation and performance, the music of George Crumb, and biological explorations of music and the mind.

  4. Featured Book: Alienation and the Carnivalization of Society

    This book examines alienation from both a sociological and psychoanalytic perspective, revisiting classic treatments of the topic—Marx, Simmel, Weber—and exploring its relevance to understanding postmodern consumer society

  5. Featured Book: Multi-Sited Ethnography

    This collection of essays emerged out of intense conversations on multi-sited ethnography, prompted by a workshop held at the University of Sussex that brought together researchers from different institutional backgrounds and affiliations in Europe, the United States and Africa – including George Marcus himself.

  6. Featured Book: Routledge Handbook of Critical Criminology

    Essays in the Routledge Handbook of Critical Criminology cover the history of critical criminology, cutting edge theories, and a variety of research methods used by leading scholars in the field.

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  7. Depression, Book of the Month, November 2011

    In Depression: Integrating Science, Culture, and Humanities, psychiatrist and cultural studies scholar Bradley Lewis looks depression from social, cultural, psychological, and scientific perspectives.

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  8. Featured Book: Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology

    The Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology, edited by Ian Douglas (University of Manchester), David Goode (University College London), Michael C. Houck (Greenspaces Institute), and Rusong Wang (Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences), contains fifty interdisciplinary contributions from leading academics and practitioners from across the world; these engaging entries provide students and practitioners with the wealth of interdisciplinary information needed to manage the biota and green landscapes in urban areas.

  9. Featured Book: The Sociology of Terrorism

    The first terrorism textbook based on sociological research, The Sociology of Terrorism adopts an innovative framework that draws together a wide spectrum of historical and modern, local and global, and social processes, allowing a broader account of terrorism to emerge.

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  10. Featured Book: Amazonian Geographies

    Amazonian Geographies explores the diversity of changing identities and cultural landscapes emerging in this rapidly changing region.

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