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Recent Articles

  1. New Edition of Ancient Cities

    Explore life in the ancient world with the second edition of Charles Gates' Ancient Cities.  Including maps and historical summaries, and accompanied by a new companion website, this book brings to life the physical world of ancient city dwellers.  View inside the book.

  2. Routledge Custom Publishing in Geography

    The Routledge Custom Collection offers foundational scholarship in both Human and Physical Geography and Development, Environmental, Tourism, and Urban Studies as well as current theory and research from leading scholars.

    The 1652 readings in the collection represent the most frequently taught and widely cited Routledge titles, as well as works addressing recent developments.

  3. Environmental Policy, 2e, Book of the Month, May 2011

    The second edition of Environmental Policy has been completely updated to reflect advances in scholarship (for example developments in governance theory) and the increasing primacy of climate policy within environmental policy as a whole. an accessible text with a multi-disciplinary perspective, this text is excellent for courses in, Environmental Policy, Environmental Geography, and Environmental Politics.

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  4. Featured Book: Handbook of Public Protection

    The Handbook of Public Protection brings together leading authorities in the field, providing authoritative coverage of the theory and practice of public protection. It provides a critical review of contemporary public protection practice as well as up-to-date research and thinking in the field. It is essential reading for anyone interested in Criminal Justice Policy.

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  5. Crime and Terrorism Risk, Book of the Month, May 2011

    This collection of original articles shows how researchers, experts and the public are beginning to think about crime and terrorism issues in terms of a new risk paradigm that emphasizes establishing a balance between threat and resources in developing prevention and response strategies. Crime and Terrorism Risk is an excellent text for courses examining Military and Strategic Studies; Security Studies, Human Rights Law and Civil Liberties; or social policy.

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  6. Featured Book: Routledge Handbook of Identity Studies

    The Routledge Handbook of Identity Studies' clear and direct style makes it an appealing title for anyone in the social sciences or humanities interested in Identity Studes.

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  7. Featured Book: Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory

    The Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory encompasses the most up-to-date developments in contemporary social and political theory; it is an essential research tool for anyone in the fields of political theory, social and political philosophy, contemporary social theory, and cultural theory.

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  8. Featured Book: Stargazing

    Using compelling, real-life examples involving popular celebrities, Kerry O. Ferris (Northern Illinois University) and Scott R. Harris (St. Louis University) examine how the experience and meanings of celebrity are shaped by social norms, interactional negotiations, and interpretive storytelling. This is an ideal book for both introductory sociology classes or courses in social psychology, media, and popular culture.

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  9. Sociologists Backstage, Book of the Month, May 2011

    "The stories in Sociologists Backstage tell how the contributors, who differ in so many ways, dealed with the situations they found themselves in as they did their research, and how who they were and what they had become in their lives intersected with those situations. The stories will fascinate you, and give you a lot to think about as you go ahead with your own research adventure."from the foreword by Howard Becker

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  10. Featured Book: Transforming Urban Waterfronts

    Transforming Urban Waterfronts engages with major theoretical debates and empirical findings on the ways waterfronts transform and have been transformed in port-cities in North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean. It is be a valuable resource for teaching faculty, students, and any audience interested in a broad scope of issues within the field of urban studies.

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