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Afghanistan: The Soviet War, Edited by Ed Girardet

A book in the finest tradition of war reporting on the front line. 

Written by journalist Ed Girardet, one of the world's leading authorities on the Soviet war in Afghanistan, Afghanistan: The Soviet War, was first published in 1985 - the height of the war – and reissued last year.

Based on five clandestine trips into Afghanistan with the resistance, the book examines why the Soviets invaded in 1979 and what they were seeking to defend.

Girardet analyses their deliberate policy of migratory genocide through a combination of aerial bombardments, political repression and economic blockades.

The text’s particular strength lies in the author’s dispassionate reporting style and firsthand proximity to the conflict. Girardet interviewed many of the leaders of the Afghan resistance, both inside Afghanistan and in the refugee camps, and he explains in depth the nature of the Afghan Islamic anti-communist struggle for independence.
Essential reading for all those interested in the history of the conflict in Afghanistan.

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