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Alternative Food Networks: Knowledge, Practice and Politics

By David Goodman, Melanie E. DuPuis, Michael K. Goodman

Review of Alternative Food Networks by Tim Lang

"All serious analysts of modern food systems would do well to read this book. It is a magisterial volume, casting a critical yet sympathetic eye over the West's struggle to decide what a better food future might look like. Drawing on decades of research and experience, the authors generously review and make sense of hundreds of studies. This is academic and public musing of the very highest quality - exactly the kind of thinking which today's pressurised academics do too little of, in the rush to win grants, write papers, and score points. The authors not only give us one of the best books on food I have read, but provide a timely policy intervention. How good are alternative food projects, experiments and political debates? Are they really altering mass food reality? What theories and political frameworks make sense in a world where stark inequalities of land, capital, labor and consumption fit so uneasily with environmental fragility, health distortions, and fissured social existence? Never dismissive, they help us all refine one of the most important tasks facing the world in the 21st century: what is a good food system? How can we get it? What are the lessons of experimentation thus far? For certain, it's not what we have now." - Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University London, UK

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