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An insight into ‘WomenPreneurs: 21st Century Success Strategies’

Dorothy Moore

A great overview of one of our newly published entrepreneurship titles WomenPreneurs: 21st Century Success Strategies

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WomenPreneurs: 21st Century Success Strategies, provides in depth research with case profiles of entrepreneurial women with real world applications for three groups of interested readers. The first consists of higher education faculty teaching courses in management, entrepreneurship and women’s studies and directors of professional development workshops interested in acquiring a supplemental readings book. The second consists of women in the workplace, those contemplating entry, parents who want to provide daughters with the best guidance as well as men and significant others who want those they love to have a safer journey navigating the rapid changes and twisting paths in advancing their careers. The third group includes women in all stages of career and entrepreneurial development, those inside an organization examining alternatives of private ownership as well as those seeking intrapreneurial alternatives. This includes the broad spectrum of women developing ventures, ranging from the nascents, through those identified in the “missing middle” to the more seasoned business owner.

The author, Dorothy Perrin Moore, is an Emeritus Professor of Business Administration at The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina, where she held the title of Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship. She is the author of Careerpreneurs-Lessons from Leading Women Entrepreneurs on Building A Career Without Boundaries, which received the ForeWord Magazine Book-of-the-Year Gold Award in the field of Business and the coauthor of Women Entrepreneurs--Moving Beyond the Glass Ceiling.

Major themes in the book include the nature of the changing workplace, the challenges of organizational life, career strategies, entrepreneurship, home and family balance and tactics for navigating in a turbulent economic climate. The book includes micro-cases to further illustrate important concepts in each chapter.

Chapter 1, The New Work Landscape begins with an introductory profile of Gail K. Naughton, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Histogen, who is working on yet another medical breakthrough. The chapter which emphasizes the movement of women into the workforce, introduces Nikki Hardin, Founder and Publisher, Skirt!® Magazine, Denise L. Devine, Founder, CEO and President, Nutripharm, Inc. and Froose® Brands, LLC and Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden, General Manager, Catalyst, Europe AG.

Chapter 2, Organizations: Leadership and Management begins by introducing Rebecca Smith, Founder and President, A.D. Morgan Corporation, one of the largest women owned construction companies in the Southeast U.S.A., profiles Maria L. Maccecchini, Ph.D., President and CEO, QR Pharma, Inc., who is developing a cure of alzheimers, Shabnam Rezaei, President, Big Bad Boo, who has developed a T.V. show to enhance the understanding of children of other cultures and Judith V. Moore, Founder and CEO, Charleston Cookie Company, LLC.

Chapter 3, which focuses on Work, Life and Career Strategies, introduces Ruth Ann Menutis, Founder, The Grove and Branded Works, oftentimes referred to as the entrepreneur with airport fever who owns many of the Hudson News Stands, profiles Suzy Spafford, Founder and CEO, Suzy's Zoo, who illustrates how artistic talent and business savvy are great partners, Aliza Sherman, Founder, Cybergrrl, Conversify and Mediaegg , who has created a new meaning for Technopreneurs through the development of the power of a “Chain of Daisies,” and Kay Koplovitz, Founder and CEO, Koplovitz & Company, NY, appointed by President Bill Clinton to chair the Women’s Business Council, an advisory group for women-owned businesses.

Chapter 4, On the Road to Entrepreneurship profiles Deborah Szekely, Founder, The Golden Door and Co-Founder (with Edmond Szekely) of Rancho La Puerta. Iintrapreneurial spirit and action is introduced in the profile of Jennet Robinson Alterman, Executive Director, Center for Women. The incubator effect is illustrated by Carol E. Farren, Founder and President, Facility Management Worldwide, Ltd. The Development of Women Entrepreneurs Globally is illustrated by the profile of Julie R. Weeks, Founder, President and CEO, Womenable, Chair, Board of the Association of Women’s Business Centers.

Chapter 5 offers solutions for Preparing for the Future features Anita Zucker, Chairman and CEO, The InterTech Group. Negotiating Strategies for Career Success highlights Diane Harris, Founder and CEO, Hypotenuse Enterprises, Inc., previously a top negotiator for Bausch & Lombe. An introduction to some of the challenges of family business ownership is profiled by Anne Shybunko-Moore, Owner and President, GSE Dynamics, Inc.

WomenPreneurs illustrates how healthy work climates and challenging work assignments in global and diverse environments are vital to success. It is a salute and embracement of men and women in organizations who understand the value added dimensions of cultivating truly diverse work environments and valuing all contributions whether made by women or men.

The Heart, spirit and value of WomenPreneurs is the acknowledging of the accomplishments of those women who have made it irrespective of the roadblocks along the way. It is a celebration of the 21st Century Success of Women. And for women not yet in the workforce it provides a map to interpret the territory and paths to building the savvy to avoid the potholes. Even the darkest moments along the way ultimately give way for those who stand up to a brighter future.

In the next century there will be new challenges—but by whetting the tools offered in this book and through the inspiration shared by successful women the new paths will be easier.

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Book Endorsements by Scholars in Entrepreneurship, Gender and Diversity, Career and Human Resource Management and Center for Women’s Business Research include: Jerome Katz, Coleman Professor of Entrepreneurship, Saint Louis University, Sharon Hadary, Founding and former Executive Director, Center for Women's Business Research, USA; Ethné Swartz, Chair, Marketing & Entrepreneurial Studies, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Ronald J. Burke, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada; Mary C. Mattis, Chair, Institutional Review Board, Research & Policy Support Group, NYC Department of Education, Former Director of Information Center and Vice President of Research and Advisory Services, Catalyst, USA and G. Dale Meyer, Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Founding Director, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship University of Colorado – Boulder, USA.

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for more information on the book or to order your copy today!