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Ancient Graffiti in the Boston Globe

Ancient Graffiti in Context is featured on the Boston Globe website. Co-editor of the volume Dr. Jennifer Baird helps explain why context is so important when viewing ancient graffiti. Read the full article here.

The subject of graffiti is not one that comes to mind when one thinks about ancient Greece or Rome. Ancient Graffiti in Context addresses this neglected area of study.

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  1. Ancient Graffiti in Context

    Edited by Jennifer Baird, Claire Taylor

    Series: Routledge Studies in Ancient History

    Graffiti are ubiquitous within the ancient world, but remain underexploited as a form of archaeological or historical evidence. They include a great variety of texts and images written or drawn inside and outside buildings, in public and private places, on monuments in the city, on objects used in...

    Published October 12th 2010 by Routledge