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Anne Bogart, Theatre & Performance Studies Author of the Month, February 2010

A look at Anne Bogart, one of the most distinctive and influential theater directors working today.

Anne Bogart is commonly recognized as one of the most influential theater directors working today. She has one two Best Director Obie awards, one for No Plays No Poetry But Philosophical Reflections Practical Instructions Provocative Opinions and Pointers From a Noted Critic and Playwright (1988) and the other for The Baltimore Waltz (1990). She founded the SITI theater company with Japanese theater director Taddashi Suzuki in 1992. Her works with SITI include Antigone, Under Construction, Freshwater, Who Do You Think You Are, Radio Macbeth, Hotel Cassiopeia, and many more. She is also a Professor at Columbia University she she runs the Graduate Directing Program.

Bogart is also the author of A Director Prepares; And Then, You Act; and The Viewpoints Book (TCG).

You can follow her on her blog at:

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