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Archaeology Textbook of the Month, July 2010

The classic textbook for teaching archaeology—including history, method, and theory—has now been updated! The fifth edition of Archaeology: An Introduction includes:

  • the latest survey techniques
  • coverage of new themes such as identity and personhood
  • material on the developments in dating, DNA analysis, isotopes and population movement
  • the impact of climate change and sustainability on heritage management

Professors, request your complimentary exam copy today!

Here’s what instructors have been saying about the book:

“Greene's book is exceptional in its clarity and breadth, and does justice to all aspects of the field of archaeology. . . A great volume for any introductory archaeology course for majors or non-majors alike.”
- Neil O'Donnell, Canisius College, USA
“I am convinced more than ever that this is the best book going. . . It is ideal for our undergraduate method and theory because it really is strong in both and in the best balance. It does a better job of teaching the methodology than any of the other standard texts.”
- Glenn Storey, University of Iowa, USA
“It remains one of the benchmark introductions to archaeology. The structure is well thought out, logical and easy to follow. . . and it manages to make difficult concepts and techniques understandable through clear language and excellent use of examples.”
- Bob Johnston, University of Sheffield, UK
“This is an excellent volume, strengthened in its revision and undoubtedly made more attractive by the text boxes and illustrations.”
- Muiris O’Sullivan, University College Dublin

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