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Authors of Dynamic Landscape are part of the design team for the Olympic 2012 Park Gardens

Professors James Hitchmough and Nigel Dunnett of the Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield were appointed in 2008 as principal horticultural and planting design consultants for the Olympic Park, working with LDA/Hargreaves.

The 2012 gardens in the London Olympic Park are a spectacular celebration of contemporary horticulture and planting design, comprising half a mile of naturalistic perennial plantings. While the main focus in the Olympic Park as a whole is on native biodiversity and ecological approaches, the 2012 gardens explore the horticultural diversity of British gardens and take visitors on a tour of the biodiversity hotspots of the world that have been the major source of plants for UK gardeners over the past 600 years.

(extract taken from Nigel Dunnett's website - to read it in full click here)

Click here for more information about their bestselling book Dynamic Landscape,

Nigel Dunnett and James Hitchmough have a wide experience of theory and practice in contemporary planting design in Europe, Norht America and Australia, and are leading academic researchers in the field of new sustainable landscape plantings. Both are based at the University of Sheffield.

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