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  1. Wiring Regulations in Brief 3rd Edition (August 2012)

    "An excellent publication which will provide a constant reference work for the industry."
    - Paul C Clifford, Green Leader Limited (Review of the previous edition)

    Tired of trawling through the Wiring Regs?
    Perplexed by Part P?
    Confused by cables, conductors and circuits?
    Then look no further! Wiring Regulations in Brief provides an on-the-job reference source for Electricians, Designers, Service Engineers, Inspectors, Builders, Students, DIY enthusiasts

  2. Guide To Natural Ventilation in High Rise Office Buildings (September 2012)

    Guide To Natural Ventilation in High Rise Office Buildings is a tried and tested solutions to real-life problems make this an essential guide for anyone working on the design and operation of tall buildings anywhere in the world. This is the first technical guide from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s Tall Buildings & Sustainability Working Group looking in depth at a key element in the creation of tall buildings with a much-reduced environmental impact, while taking the industry closer to an appreciation of what constitutes a sustainable tall building, and what factors affect the sustainability threshold for tall.

  3. Bankrupting Nature by Anders Wijkman and Johan Rockström

    This powerful book shows us that we are in deep denial about the magnitude of the global environmental challenges and resource constraints facing the world. The authors argue that regardless of whether governments respond to the economic crisis through additional stimulus packages or reduced government spending, environmental and resource constraints will remain.

  4. The Politics of Land and Food Scarcity

    By Paolo De Castro, Felice Adinolfi, Fabian Capitanio, Salvatore Di Falco and Angelo Di Mambro

    In recent years the issue of food security has become center stage in the global agenda. Through a multidisciplinary approach, this book provides an overview of the new global challenges connected with land, food supply and agriculture.

  5. Engaging Anthropology

    Engaging Anthropology

    This lively book offers a fresh look at the history of anthropological theory. Covering key concepts and theorists, Mark Moberg examines the historical context of anthropological ideas and the contested nature of anthropology itself. Click here to read more.

  6. Anthropology Archive

    Anthropology Archive

    The Routledge Anthropology & Archaeology Online Archive stretches back to 1936, thus informing and enriching your research opportunities.

  7. Professional Counseling Excellence through Leadership and Advocacy

    ACES 2012 Publication in Counselor Education and Supervision Award Winner!

    Congratulations to Catherine Y. Chang, Casey A. Barrio Minton, Andrea L. Dixon, Jane E. Myers and Thomas J. Sweeney who have won the 2012 Publication in Counselor Education and Supervision Award given by the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES).

    For more information on ACES, click here.

  8. Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and Natural Resource Management

    Post-conflict peacebuilding efforts can fail if they do not pay sufficient attention to natural resources. To date, there is a striking gap in knowledge of what works, what does not, and how to improve peacebuilding through more effective and systematic management of natural resources. The six-volume series includes more than 130 chapters from over 200 researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.

  9. Trade Unions in the Green Economy by Nora Räthzel and David Uzzell

    Combating climate change will increasingly impact on production industries and the workers they employ as production changes and consumption is targeted. The authors ask what kind of environmental policies are unions in different countries and sectors developing.

  10. Author Bruce Ecker on Using Memory Reconsolidation in Psychotherapy

    In this interview on MindScience TV, psychotherapist Bruce Ecker, LMFT, co-author of "Unlocking the Emotional Brain," explains what memory reconsolidation is and how it enables therapy to eliminate symptoms at their roots by actually erasing unwanted, ingrained emotional learning.

    To watch the video, click here.

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