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  1. New - World Yearbook of Education 2014

    This latest volume in the World Yearbook of Education series focuses on a major and highly significant development in the governing of education across the globe: the use of knowledge-based technologies as key policy sources. Drawing on material from around the world, scholars from different backgrounds provide examples of the global production and national reception and mediation of these knowledges.

  2. Numeracy in Nursing and Healthcare: Calculations and Practice, 2nd Edition

    If you need to brush up your math skills, Numeracy in Nursing and Healthcare is the perfect textbook to help you through your nursing program. The text starts out with basic adding and subtracting and works up to more advanced principles like SI units, drug administration, common clinical measurements and how to understand statistics in research articles.

  3. Global Film Book

    Guest Blog - Routledge author Roy Stafford

    'The film world is changing and the most exciting films are oftentimes being made outside the English-speaking world...'

    Roy Stafford, author of The Global Film Book, considers film studies from a global perspective. Read his guest blog here today!

  4. New Title: Museums in China

    Museums in China: Power, Politics and Identities

    Published in November, this new title by Tracey L-D Lu provides a holistic and critical review on the establishment and development of museums in mainland China from 1840 to the present day, and shows how museums in China have been used by a wide range of social, political, and state actors for a number of economic, religious, political and ideological purposes.

  5. Environment News from Books

    Explore the latest published and upcoming titles related to the environment ...

  6. Feeling Film

    Greg Singh questions the popular idea of what cinema is, and considers what happens during the anticipation and act of watching a movie, through to the act of sharing our feelings about them, the reviewing process and repeat-viewing practices. Feeling Film does this through a critique of purely textual approaches, instead offering a model which emphasises lived, warm (embodied and inhabited) psychological relationships between the viewer and the viewed.

  7. Introducing: The Susan Strange Book Prize

    BISA have introduced Susan Strange Book Prize for the best book published in any field of International Studies. The aim of the Prize is to honor the work of Susan Strange and also to recognize the best current work being conducted in the discipline.

    Read more about Susan and the award here!

  8. Title Cover

    New Title: Critical Issues in Contemporary Japan

    "This highly accessible book captures – better than any other I know currently available in English –the key debates currently taking place in Japan as it searches for a new sense of identity following the triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown which befell the country on 11 March 2011. It should go straight on the reading list of anyone teaching courses on contemporary Japan." – Roger Goodman, Nissan Professor of Modern Japanese Studies, University of Oxford, UK

    To order your copy of Critical Issues in Contemporary Japan click here.

  9. Arctic Opening

    New published titles from Politics and International Relations

    Take a look at the most recently published titles. Publishing textbooks, handbooks, research monographs and major works, Routledge are at the fore-front of Politics and International Relations literature, and the associated sub-disciplines.

  10. Predisposed Cover

    Predisposed co-author and professor, John Hibbing presents his new blog in the Huffington Post

    How Your Body Responds to This Image May Predict Your Political Views: Surprising New Explanations for Political Differences

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