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  1. New Law and Ethics in Mental Health Advance Directives


    The recognition of positive rights and the growing impact of human rights principles has recently orchestrated a number of reforms in mental health law, bringing increasing entitlement to an array of health services. In this book, Penelope Weller considers the relationship between human rights and mental health law, and the changing attitudes which have led to the recognition of a right to demand treatment internationally.

  2. Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior

    Explore the brain and discover the clinical and pharmacological issues surrounding drug abuse and dependence. The authors, research scientists with years of experience in alcohol and drug studies, provide definitions, historic discoveries about the nervous system, and original, eye-catching illustrations to discuss the brain/behavior relationship, basic neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and the mechanistic actions of mood-altering drugs.

  3. A Day in the Life of a Happy Worker

    The first book in this new edited collection which brings together some of the leading researchers in the study of the daily experience of work and daily well-being. The book covers both theoretical and methodological issues involved in studying workers’ well-being as it evolves on a daily basis.

  4. Publishing in January 2014

    A selection of great titles publishing in January.

  5. Healing War Trauma: A Handbook of Creative Approaches

    Healing War Trauma details a broad range of exciting approaches for healing from the trauma of war. The techniques described in each chapter are designed to complement and supplement cognitive-behavioral treatment protocols—and, ultimately, to help clinicians transcend the limits of those protocols.

  6. Reconstructing Sustainability Science

    By Thaddeus Miller

    Sustainability science is an interdisciplinary, problem-driven field that seeks to address fundamental questions on human-environment interactions. This book repositions sustainability science as a "science of design"—that is, a normative science of what ought to be in order to achieve certain goals—rather than a science of what is. It develops a foundation for a sustainability science that is solutions-oriented, aiming to enrich public reasoning and deliberation while also working to generate social and technological innovations for a more sustainable future. It provides an essential understanding of the complex relationship between science, social change and the normative dimensions of sustainability.

  7. Urban Energy Systems

    Edited by James Keirstead and Nilay Shah

    Energy demands of cities need to be met more sustainably. This book analyses the technical and social systems that satisfy these needs and asks how methods can be put into practice to achieve this. Click here to find out more.

  8. Land and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

    Edited by Jon Unruh and Rhodri Williams
    Series: Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and Natural Resource Management

    This book, by twenty-five authors, considers experiences with, and approaches to, post-conflict land issues in sixteen countries and in varied social and geographic settings. Highlighting key concepts that are important for understanding how to address land rights in the wake of armed conflict, the book provides a theoretical and practical framework for policy makers, researchers, practitioners, and students.

  9. New Books in November

    Read on to browse all of our newly published books in November 2012!

  10. Working Memory: The Connected Intelligence

    In this volume, the first in the new Frontiers of Cognitive Psychology Series, leading psychologists review the latest research on working memory and consider what role it plays in development and over the lifespan. It is revealed how a strong working memory is connected with success (academically and acquiring expertise) and a poor working memory is connected with failure (addictive behavior and poor decision-making).

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