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  1. Media Production

    A Practical Guide to Radio & TV

    By Amanda Willett

    Media Production is an introductory guide to radio, TV and film production techniques. Illuminating the step by step process from conception to delivery, from the initial brainstorms, through planning, research and editing, this book creates a guided structure to help students learn about media production.

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  2. Locating Television

    Zones of Consumption

    By Anna Cristina Pertierra and Graeme Turner

    Locating Television: Zones of Consumption takes an important next step for television studies: it acknowledges the growing diversity of the international experience of television today in order to address the question of ‘what is television now?’

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  3. Handbook of Self-Regulatory Processes in Development: New Directions and International Perspectives

    The development of self- and emotional regulatory processes helps children to regulate their behavior based on their cultural context and to develop positive social relationships. This handbook brings together heretofore disparate literatures on self- and emotional regulation, brain and physiological processes, mastery motivation, and atypical development to highlight how mastery motivation is related to self-regulation and to clarify the relation between these various processes.

  4. New: Environmental Commodities Markets and Emissions Trading

    Market-based solutions to environmental problems offer great promise, but require complex public policies that take into account the many institutional factors necessary for the market to work and that guard against the social forces that can derail good public policies. Using insights about markets from the new institutional economics, this book sheds light on the institutional history of the emissions trading concept as it has evolved across different contexts. It makes accessible the policy design and practical implementation aspects of a key tool for fighting climate change: emissions trading systems (ETS) for environmental control. For additional information about this book, please visit us here.

  5. New: Water Trading and Global Water Scarcity

    Water scarcity is an increasing problem in many parts of the world, yet conventional supply-side economics and management are insufficient to deal with it. In this book the role of water trading as an instrument of integrated water resources management is explored in depth. It is also shown to be an instrument for conflict resolution, where it may be necessary to reallocate water in the context of increasing scarcity. For additional information about this book, please visit us here.

  6. Teaching Psychology Online: Tips and Strategies for Success

    Intended as a resource for psychology educators ranging from teaching assistants to experienced faculty, this book shows readers how to effectively create and manage an online psychology course. Guidelines for preparing courses, facilitating communication, and assigning grades are provided along with activities and assessments geared specifically towards psychology.

  7. Partridge Slang Online logo

    Partridge Slang - Now Available

    Just launched!  The newest edition of The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English – and for the first time ever, the two volume set is also available online at

  8. Cover image

    Resistance in Contemporary Middle Eastern Cultures - Now Available

    This study highlights the connections between power, cultural products, resistance, and the artistic strategies through which that resistance is voiced in the Middle East.

  9. Print Culture

    From Steam Press to Ebook

    By Frances Robertson

    With the advent of new digital communication technologies, the end of print culture once again appears to be as inevitable to some recent commentators as it did to Marshall McLuhan.

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  10. Imagining the Pagan Past

    Exploring the novels, poetry, plays, chronicles and scientific and scholarly writings of the Middle Ages through to the 21st Century, Marion Gibson uncovers the stories of Britain's Pagan past and considers how these stories that have so oftentimes been dismissed in academic and scholarly thinking, are infact deeply rooted in British culture. Click here to read more on Imagining the Pagan Past - Gods and Goddesses in Literature and History since the Dark Ages.

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