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Bernhard Glaeser donates Learning from China? to Yantai library

Bernhard Glaeser donated a copy of his Routledge book Learning from China? Development and Environment in Third World Countries which is part of Routledge Library Editions: Development (Vol 23: 2011) collection to the library of the "Yantai Institue of Coastal Zone Research" in Yantai, Shandong Province (China).

In Yantai, Bernhard Glaeser participated in the international “LOICZ Open Science Conference 2011” (14-16 September) on “Coastal Systems, Global Change and Sustainability”.

Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone (LOICZ) is a core project of IGBP and IHDP. Glaeser co-convened Session A1: “Linking regional dynamics in coastal and marine social-ecological systems to global sustainability”. Specific problems are climate change, overfishing, water quality, and distribution of wealth.

Speakers from ten different countries presented papers featuring different climate zones—tropical and subtropical, arctic and temperate—all relating to two main issues: knowledge integration and scales.

A joint discussion resulted in two key messages and recommendations:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of local knowledge and scientific data analysis to generate synergies between these two knowledge types
  • Take into account the issue of scales, including spatial, temporal, institutional and functional scaling each of which is predominated by stakeholders/researchers with different knowledge systems.

The photograph attached shows the librarian, Ms. WANG Xiujuan,presenting the Certificate of Donation to Glaeser.

The Certificate identifies the Routledge book as the ninth book donated to the library in 2011. The text acknowledges that it “greatly enriches the collection of our library. It offers new knowledge and information to our readers. We much appreciate the gift with this certificate.”

Author Bernhard Glaeser has contributed to both our Routledge Revivals and Routledge Library Editions publishing programmes. Please see our related products below for more information on these titles.

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