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Book of the Month for December: The European Union and Global Governance

EU Global Governance Jacket

We are pleased to announce The European Union and Global Governance: A Handbook as our select title for December. This brand new publication analyzes the contemporary debates in European Studies, providing important lessons for the development, design and normative evaluation of global governance. You can order this book today or recommend it to your Librarian.

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The European Union and Global Governance provides a timely overview of some of the most important debates and issues surrounding the external relations of the EU. Bringing together key scholars from a broad variety of disciplinary backgrounds, it offers unparalleled insights into current developments in global governance.

John Gaffney, Professor of Politics at the Aston Centre for Europe, Aston University, remarks that ‘this Handbook is encyclopedic in its breadth and range … Each of the chapters is theoretically sensitive, and has depth, detail, and interpretive analysis sometimes lacking in the empirical tradition of EU studies. This study of the EU will be essential reading for years to come.’

If you would like to learn more about this title or to order a copy, just click here.

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