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  1. Irene Lancaster

    Author of the Month: Irene Lancaster discusses the importance of Abraham ibn Ezra

    This month we are pleased to announce that Irene Lancaster, author of Deconstructing the Bible (Abraham ibn Ezra's Introduction to the Torah), is our author of the month.

    Why not view inside Deconstructing the Bible?

  2. A Counselor’s Introduction to Neuroscience

    Praise for A Counselor’s Introduction to Neuroscience:

    "This is the book the field of clinical counseling has been waiting for! In the typical writing style of both Dr. McHenrys, it offers readers an easy-to-read, intelligent, comprehensive picture of the dynamic evolution of neuroscience and provides readers with accessible explanations of the exciting and pragmatic methods for working effectively with people seeking growth and enhanced well-being. It is a must-have addition to any mental-health practitioner's assortment of tools."

    —Kathryn MacCluskie, PhD, Cleveland State University, USA

  3. Andreas Hinterhuber & Stephan Liozu talk Pricing

    'Innovation in Pricing' and 'The ROI of Pricing' teach how to develop innovative pricing strategies and measure those strategies’ effectiveness.

    If you’re involved in pricing or marketing they’ll revolutionise your practices

  4. Routledge Education Author of the Month, August:  Todd Whitaker

    Dr. Todd Whitaker joins Routledge Education as part of the recent Eye on Education acquisition. Dr. Todd Whitaker has published over 20 different titles with Eye on Education and is a highly in-demand speaker across the US. His most recent title, with PJ Caposey, Teach Smart published at the end of July and is sure to be another hit!

  5. Mind, Brain and the Path to Happiness

    Mind, Brain and the Path to Happiness presents a contemporary account of traditional Buddhist mind training and the pursuit of wellbeing and happiness in the context of the latest research in psychology and the neuroscience of meditation.

    Following the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Dzogchen, the book guides the reader through the gradual steps in transformation of the practitioner’s mind and brain on the path to advanced states of balance, genuine happiness and wellbeing.

  6. NEW: The Study of Religion: A Reader

    "...a thoughtful and creative selection of works on religion and ritual from a variety of disciplinary, historical, and cultural perspectives."

    In this new collection the editors present a selection of key writings that reflect a broad range of voices on the nature and practice of the discipline, illustrating the spectrum of ideas that people throughout history have had when considering how to understand and study religion. Learn more | View TOC

    Instructors - Order your complimentary exam copy of The Study of Religion: A Reader today by following this link.

  7. The Green Economy: Boosted, Busted, or Blasting Off?

    We are pleased to present a new Earthscan from Routledge blog post written by Alan AtKisson, author of Believing Cassandra and The Sustainability Transformation.

    With a new entry every fortnight, blog posts written by various Earthscan from Routledge authors will be displayed both on the Routledge website and on the Earthscan from Routledge Facebook page. Each post within Facebook will be open to comments so please feel free to voice your thoughts!

  8. Identity and Cultural Diversity: What social psychology can teach us

    Identity and Cultural Diversity examines immigration and its effect on diversity from a social psychological perspective. The author Maykel Verkuyten considers how people give meaning to the fact that they belong to ethnic, racial, religious and national groups, and the implications this can have for social cohesion. Essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of social and cultural psychology and other social sciences.

  9. Environmental and Human Security in the Arctic

    This is the first comprehensive exploration of why human security is relevant to the Arctic and what achieving it can mean, covering the areas of health of the environment, identity of peoples, supply of traditional foods, community health, economic opportunities, and political stability.

  10. Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry 2013 Online Catalog

    Check out our new, upcoming and key titles in Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry!

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