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  1. World Environment Day is here!

    June 5th is world environment day.  To help get you thinking about what you can do to help make our society more sustainable, we are offering our widely acclaimed book Degrowth at a 20% discount.  Simply use the code "WED15" on our website.  Don't miss out on this one week sale!

  2. Professor Sarah-Jane Leslie Wins 2015 Stanton Prize

    Professor Sarah-Jane Leslie (Princeton), co-Editor of the upcoming Current Controversies in Cognitive Science, has recently won the 2015 Stanton Prize, awarded to a young scholar in philosophy or psychology who has begun making significant contributions to interdisciplinary research. 

  3. Video Resources for ‘Social Semiotics’ Now Available

    The new video resources accompanying Social Semiotics are now available online. These videos feature Theo van Leeuwen, Gunther Kress, Jay Lemke, Christian Matthiessen, and Jim Martin. Simply hit the 'Video Resources' tab on the book's webpage to view now. 

  4. New Books in June 2015

    Read on to browse some of the newest books publishing at Routledge Education this month!

  5. New! Neuropsychology and Language Disorders Catalog 2015

    Psychology Press are delighted to announce their new, upcoming and key Neuropsychology and Language Disorders books. Browse our latest 2015 catalog to find out more.

  6. Browse the 2015 Psychotherapy and Counseling Online Catalog

    New, upcoming and key books on a breadth of topics within psychotherapy and counseling.

  7. New Edition of the Life-Changing Bestseller - Mind Over Mood

    In this influential bestseller, Drs. Dennis Greenberger and Christine A. Padesky put the proven tools of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) into an accessible self-help framework that has already helped more than 1,000,000 readers. Revised and expanded to reflect significant developments in CBT in the past 20 years, the second edition contains numerous new features.

  8. Sabina Spielrein

    NEW   "This book is compelling. It tells a gripping and fascinating story, using the author’s voices wherever possible. We engage in the lives of Spielrein, Jung and Freud as human characters discovering the complex new territory of the psyche through their own experience and relationships with each other. It is a superb scholarly work." - Linda Carter, Past US Editor, The Journal of Analytical Psychology and Chair, Art and Psyche Working Group 

  9. The Legacy of R. D. Laing

    NEW   The name R. D. Laing continues to be widely recognized by those in the psychotherapy community in the United States and Europe. Laing’s books are a testament to his breadth of interests, including the understanding of madness, alternatives to conventional psychiatric treatment, existential philosophy and therapy, family systems, cybernetics, mysticism, and poetry.  

  10. Singapore Association for Applied Linguistics

    New Book Series: Routledge Studies in World Englishes

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