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Recent Articles

  1. Constantine and the Christian Empire

    Constantine and the Christian Empire 2nd Edition by Charles Odahl is a timely publication, as 2012 sees the 1700th hundred anniversary of Constantine’s conversion to Christianity and the Battle of Milvian Bridge Click here to read more.

  2. Ancient Medicine

    This second edition of Ancient Medicines has been updated with key discoveries made since the publication of Nutton's first comprehensive survey of the medicine of the ancient world. Important texts discovered in recent finds of papyri and manuscripts alongside new research on Rufus and Galen, make this book required reading.

    Praise for the 1st Edition (2004)

    'This book is an essential tool for anyone interested in the history of Western medicine.' - Biblical Theology Bulletin

  3. The Ancient Greeks: History and Culture from Archaic Times to the Death of Alexander

    With over 150 maps, illustrations and photographs, and a chronological table and glossary of key terms, The Ancient Greeks offers students a comprehensive introduction to the history and culture of the ancient Greek world for the period c.800-323 BC.

  4. New Edition: The Historians of Ancient Rome

    Now in it's 3rd edition, The Historians of Ancient Rome is the most comprehensive collection of ancient sources for Roman history available in a single English volume. The ideal resource for students and lecturers of undergraduate courses, as well as the general reader with an interest in Roman history

  5. Childhood in Ancient Athens

    Childhood in Ancient Athens

    Childhood in Ancient Athens is the latest book in the Routledge Monographs in Classical Studies series. Published July 27th 2012, the book offers an in-depth study of children during the heyday of the Athenian city state.

  6. New Edition: Alexander the Great: A Reader

    Who was Alexander the Great -- and how do we know? The twelve thematic chapters in this reader contain a broad selection of the most significant published articles about Alexander, offering students an illuminating introduction to the field.

  7. Now Available: Badian’s Collected Papers on Alexander the Great

    Ernst Badian (1925-2011) was one of the most influential Alexander historians of the twentieth century. His work radically challenged traditional ideas about Alexander the Great and reshaped historians' understanding of this complex figure. Now, for the first time, his essays and articles on Alexander have been brought together in a single volume.

  8. New: Time in Roman Religion

    In the six studies collected in Time in Roman Religion, Gary Forsythe examines the role played different concepts of time in Roman religion in both the Republic and the Empire, drawing connections between the two and showing how ideas about time basic to early Roman religious thought and behavior influenced later Roman belief.

  9. New: Roman Elections in the Age of Cicero

    Scholars have long disagreed about the nature and extent of Roman republicanism. Now available from the Routledge Studies in Ancient History series, Roman Elections in the Age of Cicero provides new and intriguing insights into the nature of Roman republican government and the people’s actual powers.

  10. View of Rome from Rome Reborn

    A Video Tour of Ancient Rome

    Scholars have come together to create a comprehensive digital reconstruction of Rome in 320 AD in the 'Rome Reborn' project. We were hypnotized by this video, which offers a fascinating glimpse of what Rome looked like in its heyday.

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