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  1. Shana Maier

    Interview with Shana Maier, author of ‘Rape, Victims, and Investigations’

    Despite changes to laws and attitudes, rape continues at epidemic levels worldwide. As gatekeepers to the criminal justice system, law enforcement officers are important to the processing of rape cases and their interactions with victims can potentially affect the victim’s reaction to and recovery from rape. Learn more about Rape, Victims, and Investigations by reading our interview with the author, Shana Maier, here.

  2. BSC 2014 Criminology Book Prize

    We are very proud to announce that Crimes of Mobility: Criminal Law and the Regulation of Immigration has recently been announced as the winner of the BSC 2014 Criminology Book Prize. Congratulations to the book's author, Ana Aliverti. 

    Learn more about this award winning book here.

  3. Gun Crime in Global Contexts

    By Peter Squires

    Every year around three-quarters of a million people die (directly or indirectly) as a result of gun violence, with most deaths occurring in the poorest, yet also most highly weaponized parts of the world. Firearm proliferation - 875 million global firearms - is a direct contributor to both regional conflicts and to crime. This book attempts to understand the inter-related dynamics of supply and demand which are weaponizing the world... Read more...

  4. Voices from American Prisons

    Faith, Education and Healing
    By Kaia Stern

    In this book, author Kaia Stern describes the history of punishment and prison education in the United States and proposes that specific religious and racial ideologies - notions of sin, evil and otherness - continue to shape our relationship to crime and punishment through contemporary penal policy... Read more...

  5. Youth Justice

    Ideas, Policy, Practice, 3rd Edition
    By Roger Smith

    The book maintains its critical analysis of the underlying assumptions and ideas behind youth justice, as well as its policy and practice, laying bare the inadequacies, inconsistencies and injustices of practice in the UK. This edition will offer an important update in light of intervening changes, as reflected in a change of government and shifting patterns of interventions and outcomes... Read more...

  6. Criminological Research for Beginners

    A Student's Guide
    By Laura Caulfield and Jane Hill

    Criminological Research for Beginners is a comprehensive and engaging guide to research methods in Criminology. Written specifically for undergraduate students and novice researchers, this book has been designed as a practical guide to planning, conducting, and reporting research in the subject. By first inviting readers to consider the importance of criminological research, the book places related methodology firmly in the context of students’ broader study of Criminology, before moving on to provide a detailed guide to the practical processes of research... Read more...

  7. Routledge Frontiers of Criminal Justice

    Routledge Frontiers of Criminal Justice offers the very best in research on criminal justice systems around the world, offering fresh insights on a range of topics in criminal procedure, including policing, prisons, courts, youth justice, community measures, rehabilitation, victimology and forensics science.

    Just click on this link to view the 13 new titles publishing this year

  8. Jane Hill (left) and Laura Caulfield (right)

    Interview with Laura Caulfield and Jane Hill – authors of ‘Criminological Research for Beginners’

    Find out more about Criminological Research for Beginners from the book's authors, Laura Caulfield and Jane Hill, and the challenges they faced in this area of research. Learn more about the book's companion website, and what differentiates this book from its competitors. Read the full interview here.

  9. Martin Andresen

    Interview with Martin Andresen, author of Environmental Criminology

    Martin Andresen has recently answered a few questions for us about his new book, Environmental Criminology. Find out how this developed as a new field of study, how Martin came to specialize in this area, and what makes this book stand out from other books in the field. Read the full interview here

  10. The Origins of Modern Financial Crime

    Historical foundations and current problems in Britain
    By Sarah Wilson

    The recent global financial crisis has been characterised as a turning point in the way we respond to financial crime. Focusing on this change and ‘crime in the commercial sphere’, this text considers the legal and economic dimensions of financial crime and its significance in societal consciousness in twenty-first century Britain... Read more...

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