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  1. Theatre for Women’s Participation in Sustainable Development

    By Beth Osnes

    Though development researchers have proven that the participation of women is necessary for effective sustainable development, development practitioners still largely lack culturally appropriate, gender-sensitive tools for including women, especially women living in poverty... Read more...

  2. Climate Change and Development

    By Thomas Tanner and Leo Horn-Phathanothai

    The evidence for human-induced climate change is now overwhelming, the brunt of its impacts is already being felt by poor people, and the case for urgent action is compelling. This book addresses the two greatest challenges of our time – averting catastrophic climate change and eradicating poverty – and the close interconnections between them... Read more...

  3. Latin American Development

    By Julie Cupples

    This text provides a comprehensive introduction to Latin American development in the twenty-first century, emphasizing political, economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions of development. It considers key challenges facing the region and the diverse ways in which its people are responding, as well as providing analysis of the ways in which such challenges and responses can be theorized... Read more...

  4. Development Studies Association (DSA) 2013 Conference

    The DSA Annual Conference 2013 is taking place on Saturday 16th November 2013, at the University of Birmingham, UK.

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    For more details on this year's conference, please visit

  5. Learn more about our authors: Dr. Franklin Obeng-Odoom

    Franklin Obeng-Odoom is the Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of the Built Environment and a member of the Asia Pacific Centre for Complex Real Property Rights at the University of Technology, Sydney. His research interests are centered on the political economy of development, cities and natural resources (especifically water, oil, and land). Franklin's research has appeared in numerous publications, including Review of African Political Economy and The Review of Black Political Economy (to name just a few). Learn more by having a browse through Franklin's website at

  6. Dr. Frauke Urban discussing low carbon development on LIDC

    Frauke Urban, co-author of Low Carbon Development: Key Issues, has recently shared an article discussing these issues further on the London International Development Centre (LIDC) blog. You can read the full article here.

  7. Mining and Social Transformation in Africa

    Mineralizing and Democratizing Trends in Artisanal Production
    Edited by Deborah Fahy Bryceson, Eleanor Fisher, Jesper Bosse Jønsson and Rosemarie Mwaipopo

    While an expanding literature has documented the economic expansion of artisanal mining, this book is the first to probe its societal impact, demonstrating that artisanal mining has the potential to be far more democratic and emancipating than preceding modes... Read more...

  8. Popular Representations of Development

    Insights from Novels, Films, Television and Social Media
    Edited by David Lewis, Dennis Rodgers and Michael Woolcock

    Through its accessible and provocative chapters, Popular Representations of Development introduces the idea that while the issue of ‘development’ – defined broadly as problems of poverty and social deprivation, and the various agencies and processes seeking to address these – is normally one that is discussed by social scientists and policy makers, it also has a wider ‘popular’ dimension... Read more...

  9. Evaluating Communication for Development

    A Framework for Social Change
    By June Lennie and Jo Tacchi

    The book includes a critical review of the key approaches, methodologies and methods that are considered effective for planning evaluation, assessing the outcomes of C4D, and engaging in continuous learning. This rigorous book is of immense theoretical and practical value to students, scholars, and professionals researching or working in development, communication and media, applied anthropology, and evaluation and program planning... Read more...

  10. Disaster, Conflict and Society in Crises

    Everyday Politics of Crisis Response
    Edited by Dorothea Hilhorst

    Humanitarian crises - resulting from conflict, natural disaster or political collapse – are usually perceived as a complete break from normalcy, spurring special emergency policies and interventions. In reality, there are many continuities and discontinuities between crisis and normalcy. What does this mean for our understanding of politics, aid, and local institutions during crises? Read more...

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