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  1. New - The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Finance in the 21st Century: From Hubris to Disgrace

    "This is a timely set of essays that raise issues that are essential for understanding how finance ought to work in the 21st Century. The authors set finance squarely in the middle of society and its institutions. The analysis is superb."

    R. Edward Freeman is University Professor and Olsson Professor, The Darden School University of Virginia, USA. 

  2. jacket

    Upcoming Title: Routledge Handbook of Indigenous Wellbeing

    The objective of the Routledge Handbook of Indigenous Wellbeing is to provide a reliable and convenient source of information for policy makers, academics and students on the wellbeing of Indigenous peoples and communities across the world.

  3. Famous Economist Steven Keen is a fan of Jim Nolt’s blog.

    Australian Economist Steven Keen placed Author Jim Nolt's blog, Polarizing Political Economy, on his recommended site list.

    Check out Steven's site, Debwatch.

    Check out Jim's blog, Polarizing Political Economy.

  4. New! International Political Economy Catalog now available!

    This catalog contains key textbooks, cutting edge research and supplemental reading in International Political Economy. From key research on vital topics, to textbooks for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, you will find whatever you need to further your own research, challenge your students, and provide essential reference materials for your institutional library.

    Explore the entire catalog here.

  5. Routledge Business and Economics Celebrate Earth Day 2015

    Join Routledge Business and Economics as we celebrate Earth Day! Enjoy a 20% discount off the following selected titles.

  6. “Degrowth” Advocate to Be Earth Day Keynote Speaker April 22 in Belfast!

    Earth Days Waldo County 2015 will host Jim Merkel for "Degrowth: Can Society Survive Without Growth?," a talk at Belfast Free Library, 106 High Street, at 6:30 p.m. on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22.  

    Read more @ The Free Press

  7. degrowth rally

    Degrowthers Challenge Supremacy of Economic Growth

    "The degrowth philosophy has attracted a relatively large following in Europe, especially in France where it is known as décroissance. Its advocates view degrowth as the hypothesis that humans can achieve prosperity without economic growth."  Read more @

  8. yanis

    Europe can breathe as Greece makes a crucial payment

    " Athens said the 460 million euros ($497 million) payment has been scheduled, dismissing rumors the government might not have enough cash to pay on time. By sending the money, Greece has bought itself time to secure the final portion of its 240 billion euro international bailout. Eurozone finance ministers agreed earlier this year to extend Greece's bailout program, but only once they're happy with the country's plans for economic reforms."

    Read more @

  9. Prosperity Without Growth jacket

    Can the world economy survive without fossil fuels?

    Larry Elliot of "The Guardian" provides an in-depth look on the unforgiving realities of climate change and explains what role economic growth has to play in all of this.  

    '...[Routledge Author Tim Jackson] is not really talking about replacing the economics of “more” with the economics of “less”; he is suggesting replacing it with the economics of “better”'

    Read more

  10. PPE

    Polarizing Political Economy

     Polarizing Political Economy seeks to comprehend capitalism's chaos and explain how forces like private power and strategy shape our world. Author James H. Nolt is a senior fellow with World Policy Institute and teaches international relations at New York University.  Check it out!

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