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Recent Articles

  1. Century of Knowledge

    Read over 6000 research ebooks for free in June!

    A Century of Knowledge - at your fingertips 

    Routledge is committed to ensuring that valuable research from the past is available in the newest and most accessible formats. As part of this commitment, we have digitized over 15,000 of our older titles that were previously only available in print. These titles span a century of research across the social sciences and humanities, and we are delighted to have made over 6,000 of them freely available to view during the month of June, including over 600 titles from Business and Economics. 

  2. The Economics of Innovation and Technology

    The Economics of Technology and Innovation

    This June, Routledge Economics and Journals will be offering free access to articles and titles from The Economics of Technology and Innovation to the public. Take a look to see what we have in store for you!   

  3. Beyond GDP with Peter Bartelmus

    Peter Bartelmus, author of Sustainable Economics, discusses if the cornerstone of post-world-war recovery can cope with the complexities of today’s world.

  4. Nicole Simpson

    Nicole Simpson on the Upcoming “The Economics of Immigration”

    Get an inside look of Cynthia Bansak, Nicole Simpson, and Madeline Zavodny's upcoming textbook The Economics of Immigration as a part of The Economics of Migration and Race

  5. The Economics of Migration and Race

    This May, Routledge Economics and Journals will be offering free access to special materials from The Economics of Migration and Race to the public. Take a look to see what we have in store for you!   

  6. Managing Airports 4th Edition

    An international perspective
    By Anne Graham

    Updated to reflect the many important developments airport management this fourth edition presents a comprehensive and cutting-edge insight into today's international airport industry. Click here to read more.

  7. Derek Wall

    Derek Wall on The Sustainable Economics of Elinor Ostrom

    As a part of our series The Economics of Politics, we offer this exclusive interview with Derek Wall on his newest book, The Sustainable Economics of Elinor Ostrom.

  8. Global Economic Issues and Policies: 3rd Edition

    New Titles from April, May, and June

    Take a look at our soon to be released textbooks!

  9. Concerning Modern Political Economics

    Read here for an in depth interview with Yanis Varoufakis, author of Modern Political Economics, trying to make sense of the post-2008 world.

  10. Stuart Shapiro

    Stuart Shapiro on Politics and Regulatory Reform

    Take a look at an exclusive interview with Stuart Shapiro, one of the authors of The Politics of Regulatory Reform.

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