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  1. Learning Through Supervised Practice in Student Affairs, 2nd Edition

    "This second edition is a valuable update for graduate faculty, field supervisors, and professionals-in-training in higher education. The authors address the importance of out-of-class learning and how each stakeholder can support the development of new professionals. Their tools for designing experiences and evaluating both sites and students are particularly useful."--Debora L. Liddell, Chairperson, Educational Policy & Leadership Studies, The University of Iowa 

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  2. July 2014 Textbook of the Month: Developing Writing Teachers

    Developing Writing Teachers

    Practical Ways for Teacher-Writers to Transform their Classroom Practice
    By Terry Locke

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    "A major strength is combining into one text teacher as writer and teacher as one skilled in pedagogy. The teacher stories about their own writing and their responses to the writing of their peers will inspire teachers in their own writing. --Ruie Pritchard, North Carolina State University, USA 

  3. Author Care: Frequently Asked Amazon Questions

    Amazon is the largest retailer for books in the world. There are many things you as an author can do to help promote the book on the site. For more information on Amazon, we invite you to read through our Amazon FAQ below:

  4. Major Works logo

    New: Critical Education – a 4-volume Major Work

    Challenging and complex questions around inequality and power have persisted within modern systems of education since their inception. In the last four or five decades, the vibrant field of critical education has developed and grown in response to such issues. Critical Education, a new 4-volume Major Work in the Routledge Major Themes in Education series, meets the need for an authoritative reference work to enable users to map and make sense of critical approaches to education.

  5. New Books in July 2014

    Read on to browse all of our new books publishing this month...   

  6. Routledge Education Authors of the Month July 2014: Stephen J. Quaye & Shaun R. Harper

    Stephen John Quaye and Shaun R. Harper are co-editors of the popular title Student Engagement in Higher Education: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Approaches for Diverse Populations. A new, second edition of this work will be released by Routledge in August 2014. 

  7. Routledge Education 2014 Summer Reading List - What’s on your List?

    If you're like us, you have a list of books you want to read by summer's end. With that said, we’ve put together a selection of new and exciting titles that we think are perfect to add to your Summer Reading List. 

  8. Series of the Month, June 2014: Routledge Research in Education

    This series aims to present the latest research from right across the field of education. It is not confined to any particular area or school of thought and seeks to provide coverage of a broad range of topics, theories and issues from around the world. 

  9. June 2014 Textbook of the Month

    Elementary Social Studies
    Constructing a Powerful Approach to Teaching and Learning, 3rd Edition
    By S.G. Grant, Bruce A. VanSledright 

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    Organized around four commonplaces of education—learners and learning, subject matter, teachers and teaching, and classroom environment—Elementary Social Studies provides a rich and ambitious framework to help social studies teachers achieve powerful teaching and learning results. 

  10. Routledge Education June 2014 Author of the Month: MaryAnn Christison and Denise Murray

    MaryAnn Christison and Denise Murray have collaborated professionally for more than 20 years on research, teaching and most recently on What English Language Teachers Need to Know Volume III.   

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