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Recent Articles

  1. Featured Book: Protecting Main Street

    Paul Lubin describes how business and government can undertake market research to determine whether the financial markets are functioning properly and providing consumers with adequate information to make informed, safe credit and investment decisions

  2. Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales, Production and Operations Management Catalog 2010

    Browse the latest and key backlist titles in Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales, Production and Operations Management Catalog Online!

  3. Featured Book: Accounting and Distributive Justice

    This book challenges the assumptions on which the current practice of financial reporting is based. Flower uses the stakeholder theory of the firm to show that companies have a responsibility to achieve distributive justice, and the company’s accounts could play an important role in fulfilling this responsibility.

  4. Featured Book: Insights from Accounting History

    A collection of 17 previously published articles on contemporary accounting history from 1962 to 2007, focusing mainly on the evolution of the standard-setting process, biographies of major accounting writers, and on the evolution of the accountancy profession and audit practice, together with a lengthy introduction by the author.

  5. Featured Series: The Routledge Historical Perspectives in Accounting

    Edited by Stephen A. Zeff, the series focuses on the contemporary evolution of accounting thought, practice and standard setting. It includes anthologies as well as new research studies.

  6. Featured Book: International Finance

    The 5th edition of Maurice D. Levi’s textbook has been updated to incorporate the massive changes in the world of international finance of the past few years. The result is the most authoritative survey of international finance available today.

  7. Featured Book: Personal Finance and Investments

    Written by Keith Readhead, this book is the ideal course book for the growing number of options in personal finance and money management, explaining the investment and financing strategies available to individual investors and including various case studies and exercises.

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