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The Routledge International Handbooks series provides a cutting-edge overview of classic research, current research and future trends in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • Each Handbook draws together newly commissioned work to provide a comprehensive overview of a sub-discipline.
  • The international team of contributors to each Handbook have been specially chosen for their expertise and knowledge in the field.
  • Each Handbook is introduced and contextualised by leading subject specialists, lending coherence and authority to each volume.

Routledge International Handbooks address new developments in the Social Sciences and Humanities, while at the same time providing an authoritative guide to theory and method, the key sub-disciplines and the primary debates of today.

Recent Articles

  1. Routledge Handbook of Sustainability and Fashion

    Order your copy of the Routledge Handbook of Sustainability and Fashion now and take advantage of the pre-publication offer of £125 (RRP £140. Valid until 15th November 2014)

    'Fletcher and Tham have gathered together a stellar cast of academics, researchers, practitioners and activists who offer their perspectives on sustainability viewed through the lens of fashion. Through concise essays and case study snapshots the reader is challenged and guided to think more deeply about sustainability as a matter of personal, local and globaly interconnected agency.'–Sandy Black, University of the Arts London, UK

    To recommend to your librarian or to order a copy visit our website

    Also by Kate Fltecher - The 2nd edition Sustainable Fashion and Textiles

  2. Out Now: The Routledge Handbook of The Cold War

    'A stunningly rich collection of essays that covers the Cold War from every conceivable angle. From film to nuclear weapons, decolonization to human rights, it's all here. The Routledge Handbook of the Cold War is the most useful single volume history available for scholars, students and the general reader. The editors have gathered together an international group of scholars, whose transnational perspectives illuminate the origins and the consequences of this three-quarter of a century struggle which, whatever its name, was never really cold.' – Prof. Marilyn Young, New York University, USA

  3. Routledge Companion to Sport and Exercise Psychology

    Written by an international team of expert contributors, this unique global and authoritative survey explores in full but accessible detail the basic constructs and concepts of modern sport and exercise psychology and their practical application.

  4. PRE PUB OFFER - Routledge Handbook of Sport and the New Media

    The Routledge Handbook of Sport and New Media is the most comprehensive and in-depth study of the impact of new media in sport ever to be published. Adopting a broad, interdisciplinary approach, the book explores new media in sport as a cultural, social, commercial, economic, and technological phenomenon, examining the profound impact of digital technologies on that the way that sport is produced, consumed and understood.

    There is still time to take advantage of the Pre-Pub Offer and is now available for £125 (rrp £140) until March 2014

    Why not recommend to your Library today

  5. Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Management pre pub offer

    Especially relevant at a time when many sectors of the industry have to re - evaluate and reinvent themselves in response to the economic downturn the Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Management brings together specialists from both industry and academia and from a range of geographical regions to provide state-of-the-art theoretical reflection and empirical research.

    There is still time to take advantage of the Pre-Pub Offer on Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Management. Now available at a discounted price of £125 (rrp £140) until June 2014

    Why not recommend to your Librarian today

  6. PRE PUB OFFER - Routledge Handbook of Sport, Gender and Sexuality

    The Routledge Handbook of Sport, Gender and Sexuality brings together important new work from 68 leading international scholars that, collectively, demonstrates the intrinsic interconnectedness of sport, gender and sexuality.

    There is still time to take advantage of the Pre-Pub Offer and is now available for £125 (rrp £140) until May 2014

    Why not recommend to your Library today

  7. Routledge Handbooks and Companions

    Just Released! The 2013-14 Routledge Handbooks and Companions Catalog

    The online Routledge Handbooks and Companions Catalog for 2013-14 has arrived, and is available to view here! Containing freshly-commissioned new writings on key subjects by top international scholars, Routledge Handbooks and Companions provide cutting-edge overviews of classic research, current research and future trends in the Social Sciences and Humanities field. Divided by subject- including Criminology, Asian Studies and Linguistics – the catalog includes details of both upcoming and recently published titles for 2013-14.

  8. Out in October - The Routledge Companion to Urban Regeneration

    Edited by Michael E. Leary and John McCarthy

    The Routledge Companion to Urban Regeneration provides cutting edge critical review and synthesis of recent conceptual, policy and practical developments within the field. With contributions from 70 international experts within the field, it explores the meaning of ‘urban regeneration’ in differing national contexts, asking questions and providing informed discussion and analyses to illuminate how an apparently disparate field of research, policy and practice can be rendered coherent, drawing out common themes and significant differences.

    For more infomation about this title please visit the book webpage

  9. Out in August - Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory

    Edited by Gerard Delanty and Stephen P. Turner

    NEW IN PAPERBACK - The Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory addresses a range of issues that have recently emerged from the disciplines of social and political theory, focusing on key themes as opposed to schools of thought or major theorists. It is divided into three sections which address:

    • the most influential theoretical traditions that have emerged from the legacy of the twentieth century
    • the most important new and emerging frameworks of analysis today
    • the major theoretical problems in recent social and political theory.

    For more information about this title please visit the book webpage

  10. Out in October - Routledge Handbook of Sports Technology and Engineering

    Edited by Franz Fuss, Aleksandar Subic, Martin Strangwood and Rabindra Mehta

    From carbon fiber racing bikes to ‘sharkskin’ swimsuits, the application of cutting-edge design, technology and engineering has proved to be a vital ingredient in enhanced sports performance. Routledge Handbook of Sports Technology and Engineering is the first book to offer a comprehensive survey of contemporary sports technology and engineering, providing a complete overview of academic, professional and industrial knowledge and technique. The book is divided into eight sections covering the following topics :

    Sustainable Sports Engineering  -  Instrumentation Technology  -  Summer Mobility Sports  -  Winter Mobility Sports  -  Apparel and Protection Equipment  -  Sports Implements (racquets, clubs, bats, sticks)  -  Sports Balls  -  Sports Surfaces and Facilities

    For more information about this title please visit the book webpage

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