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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

Recent Articles

  1. Routledge Revivals reissue the popular art book – ‘The Birth of Western Painting’

    First published in 1930, this book deals with Byzantine art. The book considers not just the movement itself, but the significant impact it had on the subsequent history of European painting. Until now, this popular book has been out of reach and difficult to obtain.

  2. Routledge Library Editions end the year with five new collections

    We’re ending the year on a high, with a wide range of titles publishing under our Routledge Library Editions publishing program. Our latest collections to publish over the last couple of months span a number of different subject areas, appealing to a variety of users.

  3. T&F eBooks YouTube video_screenshot

    Oscar nominations galore for the new Taylor & Francis (Routledge) eBooks video

    And the winner in the category of Best Short Film (Live Action) goes to ... eBooks for Libraries from Taylor & Francis (including all Routledge titles)! We are very proud of our new eBooks video (a bit too proud maybe). It gives you a great overview of what T&F eBooks are all about, how to trial them and how to purchase. Watch the vid here!

  4. Reissuing this November – Esther Moir’s ‘The Discovery of Britain’

    First published in 1964, this book focuses on the tour of Britain. Rather than looking at foreign tourists coming to Britain or British tourists travelling abroad, the primary focus of the book is to examine the British people who explored their native land in the three centuries from 1540 to 1840.

  5. Routledge Revivals reissue the work of E. Cashmore

    The collection of eight titles from E. Cashmore are all previously published works from across the last thirty five years.

    Titles in the collection span a broad range of topics, appealing to those particularly interested in subjects involving race relations, crime, sociology and media.

  6. Terrifying titles from Routledge

    We’re getting into the Halloween spirit and bringing you all the details on some of our more hair-raising books, old and new. Read on, if you dare...

  7. E A Wallis Budge

    Routledge Revivals release a selection of Egypt titles by E. A. Wallis Budge

    This November, Routledge Revivals reissue the work of Sir E. A. Wallis Budge (1857 – 1934), one of the most influential and highly acclaimed academics within the field of Ancient Egypt.

  8. Publishing this November: Tom Peters

    A new title in the acclaimed Critical Evaluations in Business and Management Series, Tom Peters brings together the very best critical assessments of one of the most influential business thinkers of our age. 

  9. The Hungry Dragon: three new Europa titles explore China’s rapid economic and political rise

    Politically isolated until the end of the Cold War, China is now a key global player with an economic strength second only to that of the United States.

    This recent rise to dominance is reflected in the Europa Handbooks and Monographs schedule which, in 2013, will publish three titles relating to the region: China and the Middle East: from Silk Road to Arab Spring, Hungry Dragon: How China’s Resource Quest is Reshaping the World and Handbook of China’s Governance and Domestic Politics. Cathy Hartley, Senior Editor for Europa, explains a little more about each title and her decision to focus commissioning on this rapidly changing country...

  10. Just Released: Strategic Survey 2012

    The major upheavals and economic uncertainty of 2012 has ensured that the launch of the International Institute of Strategic Studies annual title Strategic Survey has been eagerly awaited. Held at the IISS headquarters in London, the event included an expert discussion panel answering questions on key current topics, such as the eurozone crisis and Iran's nuclear program. You can watch the entire launch online here.

    Interested in learning more about the Strategic Survey 2012 and the IISS? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to let you know a little more about the history, aims and activities of the Institute and fill you in on this year’s updates.

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