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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

Recent Articles

  1. The Defences of the Weak by Thomas Mathiesen

    ‘Mathiesen exploits his material...with great skill and deserves to be widely read.’ The Guardian

    The Defences of the Weak: A Sociological Study of a Norwegian Correctional Institution, by Thomas Mathiesen (Professor emeritus of sociology of law in Oslo), reissues this year under our Routledge Revivals program.

  2. Book of the Month for January: The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre

    Routledge Revivals reissue a fascinating array of books on a monthly basis. Our choice for 'book of the month' studies the life of one of the greatest intellectual figures of the twentieth century Jean-Paul Sartre.

  3. Education and the Working Class

    Part of the recently released RLE Sociology of Education collection Education and the Working class studies the works of Brian Jackson and Dennis Marsden.

  4. Launch of Routledge Library Editions: Education

    “It was a long pregnancy, and an even longer labor...but RLE: Education finally delivered on time”

    So said Frances Parkes, editor of our recently published 244-volume Routledge Library Editions: Education collection.

  5. December’s Book of the Month: Pragmatics II

    From Routledge’s Major Works Critical Concepts in Linguistics Series comes December’s Book of the Month: Pragmatics II.

    Published in November, Pragmatics II is a follow up to collection editor Asa Kasher’s critically well-received title Pragmatics. The six-volume title, published in 1998, was described at the time as an ‘essential background reading for students of pragmatics and new researchers in the pragmatics of language’ (The Linguist List).

  6. Monetary Chaos in Europe

    In March of this year Routledge Revivals reissued Monetary Chaos in Europe as a Hardback. First published in 1988, the book is also set to be released in June 2012 in paperback form. Author Brendan Brown revisits his early work and discusses why this is an important reissue.

  7. Featured title from Routledge Revivals: Science and Football

    Editor Adrian Lees talks about the reissue of Science and Football which was first published in 1988.

  8. Publishing this December from Routledge Library Editions: Community, Hierarchy and Open Education

    Part of our upcoming multivolume Sociology of Education collection Community, Hierarchy and Open Education examines the English secondary school and its community.

  9. EU Economy jacket

    UK Economy: The Crisis in Perspective is one of our highlights this month

    Comprising an edited collection of papers presented to the European Commission, plus contributions from some of the most prominent and respected commentators on the UK economy, including Christopher Pissarides, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for economic sciences, this brand new title is essential reading for those interested in the historical background of, and prospects for, the UK economy. Lean more here

  10. EU Encyclopedia and Directory jacket

    Reference Book of the Month time! The EU is in the spotlight this November

    The current crisis in the Eurozone has focussed the eyes of the world on the countries of the European Union. There are some difficult decisions to be made. The European Union Encyclopedia and Directory 2012 is your guide to the all the major EU institutions and official bodies. It is the perfect reference source for students of EU policy. Read more here!

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