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  1. Regenerating the Curriculum

    'This book should be indispensable, a book to possess.’- A M A

    Originally published in 1978, Regenerating the Curriculum, by Maurice Holt, has recently been reissued as part of the Routledge Library Editions: Education collection, a 244-Volume collection which covers essential issues of the educational landscape.

  2. The Territories of the Russian Federation

    Reference Book of the Month: The Territories of the Russian Federation 2012

    Events surrounding the 2012 Russian Presidential Elections were bought to a head in early February when Doku Umarov, the self-styled ‘leader of the North Caucasus emirate’, announced that his forces would no longer attack Russian citizens, on the basis that the antigovernment protests demonstrated their common enmity to Russia’s rulers. In a year that has proved particularly agitated for Russian politics, dominated not only by public disquiet around elections but also the ongoing insurgency against Russian rule in the predominantly Islamic republics of the North Caucasus, the editors of the 13th edition of The Territories of the Russian Federation have assembled a number of resources to assist readers in grasping the defining issues of the day.

  3. CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

    The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online is a 2011 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Resource

    It's that time of year. The lovely people at CHOICE have been handing out their plaudits for those print and online reference resources that they consider to be of high value to librarians, relevant faculty members and ultimately the students! And our Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online is up there with the best of them. Read all about it here.

  4. February’s Book of the Month: Language Evolution

    Language Evolution, February’s ‘Book of the Month’, is a four-volume collection from of Routledge’s Critical Concepts in Linguistics series. The text provides an overview of the intensive debate on language evolution following the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species. 

  5. Women and Belief, 1852–1928, Edited by Jessica Cox, Mark Llewellyn, and Nadine Muller

    Over recent years, research into religious belief during the Victorian period and the early twentieth century has grown in diversity and importance. The centrality of faith-based discourses to women of the period has long been recognized by scholars in the field, but until now relatively little significance has been attached to the fundamental relationship between women’s faith and women’s rights.

    Women and Belief, 1852–1928 - a new six-Volume collection forming part of the History of Feminism series - remedies this omission, exploring a wide range of opinions about women, their self-identity, and the combination of their spiritual and political beliefs.

  6. Afghanistan: The Soviet War, Edited by Ed Girardet

    A book in the finest tradition of war reporting on the front line. 

    Written by journalist Ed Girardet, one of the world's leading authorities on the Soviet war in Afghanistan, Afghanistan: The Soviet War, was first published in 1985 - the height of the war – and reissued last year.

  7. Publishing this Friday: Shakespearean Adaptations in East Asia

    Co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse. An authoritative collection of Asian Shakespeare’s has been long and eagerly awaited by many scholars and critics. This five-volume collection answers that need.

  8. RLE: Education print catalog now available!

    Our RLE: Education catalog is now available for you to browse online, download as a PDF, print off or e-mail to colleagues.

  9. Routledge Major Works 2012 Catalog now online!

    Our 2012 Major Works catalog is now available for you to browse online, download as a PDF, print off or email to colleagues.

  10. The Defences of the Weak by Thomas Mathiesen

    ‘Mathiesen exploits his material...with great skill and deserves to be widely read.’ The Guardian

    The Defences of the Weak: A Sociological Study of a Norwegian Correctional Institution, by Thomas Mathiesen (Professor emeritus of sociology of law in Oslo), reissues this year under our Routledge Revivals program.

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