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Recent Articles

  1. Daya Thussu RAIM Interview

    Daya Thussu discusses the Routledge Advances in Internationalizing Media Studies

    Daya Thussu, editor of the Routledge Advances in Internationalizing Media Studies series, provides an informative overview of the series in this concise interview.

  2. Ruth Rentschler Discusses New Research Series

    We are delighted to announce Routledge Research in Creative and Cultural Industries Management, a new forum for the publication of original book-length research in cultural and creative industries, from a management perspective.

    The series aims to chart developments in contemporary cultural and creative industries management around the world, shaping future agendas, expanding cultural and creative industries significance and their management in a globalized world. 

    Want to know more?

    Series Editor, Professor Ruth Rentschler OAM, Chair Academic Board and Chair and Professor in Arts and Entertainment Management, Deakin University, Australia, answers our questions!

  3. Sea Change: Failed Promises in the Common Fisheries Policy

    Liza Griffin, author of Good Governance, Scale and Power, explores the reforms of the EU-led Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). These reforms have been designed to embody the principles of ‘good governance’. Read Griffin's re-examination of those reforms in the light of 2013 reforms currently being mooted amongst European leaders.

  4. Sustainable Forests

    This four-volume set is edited by leading experts on the evolving role of forests in providing to meet society's changing needs.The set provides students and teachers with a ready-made selection of, and commentary on the most important key writings on sustainable forests. It will be an essential reference for libraries.

  5. Nation, Constitutionalism and Buddhism in Sri Lanka

    Author of the Month: Roshan de Silva Wijeyeratne discusses Sinalese Buddhism in Sri Lanka

    Roshan de Silva Wijeyeratne, author of Nation, Constitutionalism and Buddhism in Sri Lanka, talks to us about Sinalese Buddhism, the election of President Rajapakse in 2005 and why we should all read his recently published book. 

  6. Public Relations and Nation Building Power Point Slides

    Margalit Toledano & David McKie have let us publish the slides used to accompany their book 'Public relations and Nation Building: Influencing Israel'.

    In their book they reveal the interplay of nation building and PR in the birth and evolution of Israel, challenging orthodoxies about how PR evolved internationally.

    Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to gain more insight into the topic.

  7. Water as a Catalyst for Peace

    This book examines international water allocation policies in different parts of the world and suggests that they can be used as a platform to induce cooperation over larger political issues, ultimately settling conflicts. The main premise is that water can and should be used as a catalyst for peace and cooperation rather than conflict.

    For a full list of these titles publishing in August, please refer here.

  8. New Business & Management Routledge Revival Bundle Released

    We are pleased to announce the availability of the Routledge Revivals Business and Management Bundle.

    Not sure what this is? Why, only 14 volumes packed together with titles from some of the most well-renowned scholars and practitioners in the discipline, including Roger Mansfield, Walter Puckey, Sue Birley and Max Boisot!

    Continue exploring at

  9. Now Available - The Gothic World

    "This splendid book will be indispensable for all students of the Gothic." Sue Zlosnik, Professor of Gothic Literature, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

    The Gothic World offers an overview of this popular field, while also extending critical debate in exciting new directions such as film, politics, fashion, architecture, fine art and cyberculture. Structured around the principles of time, space and practice, and including a detailed general introduction, the five sections look at: Gothic Histories, Gothic Spaces, Gothic Readers and Writers, Gothic Spectacle and Contemporary Impulses. Read a sample of the introduction.

    Recommend this fantastic compilation to your Librarian today

  10. Routledge Handbook of Sport Communication

    Edited by Paul M. Pedersen

    The Routledge Handbook of Sport Communication is the only book to offer a fully comprehensive and in-depth survey of the contemporary discipline of sport communication. It explores communication within, through, and for sport in all its theoretical, conceptual, cultural, behavioral, practical and managerial aspects, tracing the contours of this expansive, transdisciplinary and international discipline and demonstrating that there are few aspects of contemporary sport that don’t rely on effective communications.

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