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  1. Narrative Space and Time - Out Now

    Space is a central topic in cultural and narrative theory today, although in most cases theory assumes Newtonian absolute space. However, the idea of a universal homogeneous space is now obsolete. Black holes, multiple dimensions, quantum entanglement, and spatio-temporal distortions of relativity have passed into culture at large. This book examines whether narrative can be used to represent these "impossible" spaces. Read More.

  2. Realism, Science, and Pragmatism

    "This is a first-rate collection of essays on the general issue of realism, on the relation of realism to contemporary philosophy of science and epistemology, and on the challenge that has been made to traditional realism by classical pragmatism and neo-pragmatism. The contributors are among the leading scholars in the field, and their essays advance the debates in ways that will provoke response and further inquiry. Anyone interested in the topic of realism, its history and current controversies, will benefit from paying the close attention that these essays deserve." —John Ryder, American University of Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

  3. The Affordable Care Act Decision: Philosophical and Legal Implications

    "Fritz Allhoff and Mark Hall have produced the single best book on the Supreme Court's decision upholding most of the Affordable Care Act. The wide-ranging perspectives that it includes, from some of the very best scholars in all the fields upon which the decision touches, allow readers to develop both a deep and broad understanding of the complex issues raised by the decision. No one can talk responsibly about this important decision without first benefitting from this book’s wonderful, insightful, and thorough interdisciplinary focus." --Michael J. Gerhardt, Samuel Ashe Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law, University of North Carolina School of Law, USA

  4. Jacket

    Authors of the Month: Giovanna Dell’Orto & Vicki Birchfield

    Authors Giovanna Dell'Orto and Vicki Birchfield take a little time to tell us about their new book Reporting at the Southern Borders and what they've been up to!

  5. The Economics of Politics

    The Economics of Politics

    This April, Routledge Economics and Journals will be offering free access to special materials from The Economics of Politics to the public. Take a look to see what we have in store for you!  

  6. Free Article Access: Boys and Their Schooling Review (British Journal of Sociology of Education)

    "Boys and their Schooling is an ethnographic study located within a middle- class academically-oriented Australian government school, Hillside High School. The research sought to provide a better understanding of what it is to be a young teenage boy at school."

  7. Monika Kostera - Time for the West to learn from Eastern Europe

    Monika Kostera, author and editor of Occupy Management and Liquid Organization answers some questions related to her most recent publications on inspiration, organization, Polish management theorists and the radical recycling of management ideas.

    Read the first 3 chapters of both Occupy Management and Liquid Organization online. It is free-to-view until the 30th of April 2014.

    Read the exclusive interview!

  8. Alfred Hitchcock Major Work

    New Release: Alfred Hitchcock (4-Volume Major Work)

    New from Routledge in the Critical Evaluations of Leading Film-makers series, this is a four-volume collection of the best and most influential critical evaluations of Alfred Hitchcock. Compiled by Neil Badmington, Alfred Hitchcock is an essential reference work - available now to recommend to your librarian. Read on to find out why this collection is destined to be valued as a vital research resource.

  9. Routledge Companion to Sport and Exercise Psychology

    Written by an international team of expert contributors, this unique global and authoritative survey explores in full but accessible detail the basic constructs and concepts of modern sport and exercise psychology and their practical application.

  10. Circumcision, Public Health, Genital Autonomy and Cultural Rights

    This collection considers the apparent contradictions and complications of the contemporary status and deployment of the many forms of genital cutting, raising a serious, wide-reaching question: what scope should society have to impose physically invasive rites on people?

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