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What is the Routledge Revivals programme?

Routledge Revivals is a programme designed to reissue a wealth of out-of-print and unavailable titles written by some of the leading academic scholars of the last 120 years. To date, the programme includes titles by the likes of Sir Andrew Motion, Hermione Lee, Zygmunt Bauman, Karl Jaspers, Malcolm Bradbury, Simone Weil, Emile Durkheim, Charles Kindleberger and W. Arthur Lewis.

Which subject areas do the Revivals cover?

All subjects which fall within the spectrum of the Humanities and Social Sciences, reflecting the impressive breadth and depth of the Routledge backlist. Thus far, the Revivals list is particularly strong in the areas of Sociology, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Literature and History.

How long has the programme been active?

The first Routledge Revivals titles were published in July 2009 and a year later we have more than 120 titles available in hardback, with a substantial percentage of these already available as ebooks and some also in paperback as part of the paperbacks direct programme. Over the next year, we expect the programme to more than double in size.

Are Revivals available as e-books?

Where we've been able to acquire electronic rights, Revivals titles are also available in ebook format.

What is the difference between a Routledge Revival and a Routledge Library Edition?

Routledge Library Editions (RLEs) are also straight reissues from our backlist, but instead of being single, stand-alone volumes like the Revivals they are always released as backlist collections on a particular subject or author. RLE collections can vary in size from 5-300 volumes.

What's the difference between a Revival and a facsimile Major Work?

A facsimile Major Work will often gather diverse sources together—e.g selected chapters from books, manuscript material. They tend not to re-issue complete books.

Recent Articles

  1. Routledge re-issues Neill of Summerhill

    First published in 1983, this book sympathetically but critically explores the ideas and personality of A. S. Neill, one of the most controversial child education figures of the twentieth century and founder of Summerhill school.

  2. Routledge Revivals Release 14-Volume Environmental Studies Bundle

    Routledge Revivals Environmental Studies Bundle - Bringing together a selection of groundbreaking Environmental Studies titles, covering a broad range of areas from across the field of Environmental Studies, including climate change, geography and resource management. This collection also features works from some of the most prominent environmentalists and geographers, including Bill Adams, Ed Barbier, Paul Cloke and Chris Park.

    Want to know what a Routledge revival is? -  then visit the blog

  3. New Business & Management Routledge Revival Bundle Released

    We are pleased to announce the availability of the Routledge Revivals Business and Management Bundle.

    Not sure what this is? Why, only 14 volumes packed together with titles from some of the most well-renowned scholars and practitioners in the discipline, including Roger Mansfield, Walter Puckey, Sue Birley and Max Boisot!

    Continue exploring at

  4. Routledge Revivals Release 14-Volume Criminology Bundle

    This 14 volume Routledge Revivals collection brings together a selection of groundbreaking criminology titles, from the rich and diverse Routledge backlist. This includes those featured in the Routledge student reference book, Fifty Key Thinkers in Criminology such as Carol Smart, John Braithwaite and Thomas Mathiesen.

    What is a Routledge Revival? - Routledge Revivals is an exciting reissue program which revives 'out of print' books and breathes new life into them. Visit our blog for more information

  5. Routledge Revivals publish 8 NEW Subject Bundles this August!

    ‘Capitalising on a rich and diverse backlist that encompasses’ many distinguished authors Routledge Revivals release 8 subject bundles for 2013.

  6. Remaking Cities (Routledge Revivals)

    Alison Ravetz talks about the reissue of ‘Remaking Cities’ and ‘The Governance of Space’

    Author Alison Ravetz evaluates the British planning system--its evolution, challenges, and opposition--in her recently reissued 'Remaking Cities' and 'The Governance of Space.'

  7. Model Estate (Routledge Revivals)

    Routledge Revivals reissues the work of Alison Ravetz

    Author Alison Ravetz discusses the several mysteries behind the deterioration of Quarry Hill Flats.

  8. Community Architecture (Routledge Revivals)

    Charles Knevitt and Nick Wates talk about the reissue of ‘Community Architecture’

    Co-authors Charles Knevitt and Nick Wates discuss the evolving impact of their iconic work, Community Architecture.

  9. Living with the Bomb reissues as part of our new Psychology Revivals series

    This year, the Routledge Revivals publishing program sees the start of a brand new series - Psychology Revivals. All the titles in this series are reissued titles from across the last 120 years, with titles ranging from Adler's The Science of Living to key texts on the subject of psychiatry.

  10. David Hamilton talks about the reissue of ‘Towards a Theory of Schooling’ this April

    Author of Towards a Theory of Schooling, David Hamilton, talks to us about this Revival and and why it is still such a timely publication today.

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