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  1. Social Identity

    4th Edition
    By Richard Jenkins

    Social Identity explains how identification, seen as a social process, works: individually, interactionally and institutionally. Building on the international success of previous editions, this fourth edition offers a concise, comprehensive and readable critical introduction to social science theories of identity for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates... Read more...

  2. Celebrity Culture

    Second Edition
    By Ellis Cashmore

    This fully-updated and rewritten second edition investigates issues in celebrity culture from the paparazzi to politics, from voyeurism to self-perfection. Cashmore presents engaging case studies to analyze how social media has changed the nature of celebrity culture, and explore how we consume celebrity in today’s society... Read more...

  3. Consuming Race

    By Ben Pitcher

    This book explores how the meanings of race are made and remade in acts of creative consumption. Ranging across the terrain of popular culture, and finding race in some unusual and unexpected places, it offers fresh and innovative ways of thinking about the centrality of race to our lives... Read more...


  4. Interview with Malcolm Barnard – author of ‘Fashion Theory’

    Malcom Barnard, senior lecturer in Visual Culture at Loughborough University, and author of Fashion Theory: An Introduction, has recently answered a few questions for us about his new book. Learn more about the "Dreamcatcher" bra and safari suit, and discover what makes this textbook engaging for students. Read the full interview here >>>

  5. Interview with Ben Pitcher – author of ‘Consuming Race’

    Ben Pitcher is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Westminster, London. He has written extensively on race and racism, and his new textbook, Consuming Race is available now. Learn more about this new book by reading our author interview with Ben, to find out what attracted him to this subject area, and how race can be found in unusual and unexpected places... Read the full interview here >>>

  6. Comedy and Distinction

    The Cultural Currency of a ‘Good’ Sense of Humour
    By Sam Friedman

    Comedy is currently enjoying unprecedented growth within the British culture industries. Defying the recent economic downturn, it has exploded into a booming billion-pound industry both on TV and on the live circuit. Despite this, academia has either ignored comedy or focused solely on analyzing comedians or comic texts... Read more... 

  7. Vision and Society

    Towards a Sociology and Anthropology from Art
    By John Clammer

    Vision and Society is an attempt to show that it is possible to go beyond a sociology of art to the more ambitious possibility of a sociology from art. This book develops a theory of the relationship of the visual and the social and illustrates these with comparative examples from around the world... Read more...

  8. Environmental Sociology

    3rd Edition
    By John Hannigan

    The third edition of John Hannigan’s classic undergraduate text has been fully updated and revised to highlight contemporary trends and controversies within global environmental sociology. Environmental Sociology offers a distinctive, balanced treatment of environmental issues, reconciling Hannigan’s much-cited model of the social construction of environmental problems... Read more...

  9. Theories of the Information Society

    4th Edition
    By Frank Webster

    Information is regarded as a distinguishing feature of our world. Where once economies were built on industry and conquest, we are now part of a global information economy. Pervasive media, expanding information occupations and the development of the internet convince many that living in an Information Society is the destiny of us all... Read more...

  10. Julia Rothenberg

    Author Interview with Julia Rothenberg

    Julia Rothenberg has recently answered a few questions for us about her new book, Sociology Looks at the Arts. Learn about Julia's interest in the subject area, and how the book will help her students with examining the relationship between art and society. Read the full interview here.

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