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Recent Articles

  1. Routledge Handbook of Science, Technology, and Society

    Edited by Daniel Lee Kleinman and Kelly Moore

    The Routledge Handbook of Science, Technology and Society seeks to capture the dynamism and breadth of the field by presenting work that pushes the reader to think about science and technology and their intersections with social life in new ways. The interdisciplinary contributions by international experts in this handbook are organized around six topic areas... Read more...

  2. Knowledge

    By Marian Adolf and Nico Stehr

    Almost everything we do is based on our knowledge of the world around us: how we dress in the morning, how we go about our work, how we interact with other people – all these things rest on our understanding of how we know life. Knowledge might be seen as the most central as well as the most under-researched trait of social life... Read more...

  3. Social Problems: A Human Rights Perspective

    By Eric Bonds

    This short book lays out a new definition for what constitutes a social problem: the violation of a group’s human rights, which are understood as commonly upheld standards about what people deserve and should be protected from in life... Read more...

  4. Social Sciences: The Big Issues (3rd Edition)

    By Kath Woodward

    The social sciences are about people and the relationships between individuals and the social and material world we live in. They are about the social structures which shape – and are shaped by – social forces such as ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality and age and the bodies we inhabit. How are these relationships changing and to what extent and how can people influence change... Read more...

  5. Interview with Kathryn Dean, author of Capitalism, Citizenship and the Arts of Thinking

    Read our recent interview with Kathryn Dean, author of Capitalism, Citizenship and the Arts of Thinking, and find out what attracted her to this topic as an area of study, the challenges she faced when writing the book, and what took her by surprise when researching the book. Read the full interview here...

  6. Interview with Karli June Cerankowski and Megan Milks, authors of Asexualities

    Karli June Cerankowski and Megan Milks have answered a few questions for us about their new book, Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives. Read the full interview here to find out more about the common misconceptions with regards to asexuality in popular culture and learn more about the studies that have been carried out in this area.

  7. Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies

    Edited by Garry Marvin and Susan McHugh

    The Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies presents a collection of original essays from artists and scholars who have established themselves internationally on the basis of specific and significant new contributions to human-animal studies. It offers a broad interpretive account of the development and present configurations of the field of human-animal studies across many cultures, continents, and times... Read more...

  8. Social Identity

    4th Edition
    By Richard Jenkins

    Social Identity explains how identification, seen as a social process, works: individually, interactionally and institutionally. Building on the international success of previous editions, this fourth edition offers a concise, comprehensive and readable critical introduction to social science theories of identity for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates... Read more...

  9. Celebrity Culture

    Second Edition
    By Ellis Cashmore

    This fully-updated and rewritten second edition investigates issues in celebrity culture from the paparazzi to politics, from voyeurism to self-perfection. Cashmore presents engaging case studies to analyze how social media has changed the nature of celebrity culture, and explore how we consume celebrity in today’s society... Read more...

  10. Consuming Race

    By Ben Pitcher

    This book explores how the meanings of race are made and remade in acts of creative consumption. Ranging across the terrain of popular culture, and finding race in some unusual and unexpected places, it offers fresh and innovative ways of thinking about the centrality of race to our lives... Read more...


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