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  1. Curriculum & Instruction catalog

    New Curriculum & Instruction Online Catalog!

    The newly released Curriculum & Instruction online catalog showcases New and Forthcoming titles in subject areas including: Curriculum Theory, Social Studies Education, Science Education, Mathematics Education, and more.


    Many of our books are available as Complimentary Exam Copies for professors or faculty considering them for course adoption. Click on your book of interest to see if it is available as a Complimentary Exam Copy.

  2. Dr. Deming & Henry Neave

    Henry Neave talks ‘Statistic Tables’ and how he knew there was a market for them

    Author Henry Neave (see right of photo) gives us an insight into how he came about producing his Statistics Tables titles: Statistics Tables & Elementary Statistics Tables and how these books became of interest to a Market that some doubted even existed.

    Despite the negativity Henry received from colleagues, the books proved to be very successful, which in turn made Henry Neave one of our leading academic authors.

  3. An Outstanding Anthology in Ethics

    Teaching ethics or ethical theory? Ethics: Essential Readings in Moral Theory, edited by George Sher, brings together sixty-six extracts from both classical and contemporary philosophers to offer comprehensive coverage of the central issues of ethics. Each selection is accompanied by an introduction from the editor.

  4. New Edition: Alexander the Great: A Reader

    Who was Alexander the Great -- and how do we know? The twelve thematic chapters in this reader contain a broad selection of the most significant published articles about Alexander, offering students an illuminating introduction to the field.

  5. Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure

    Construction is one of the biggest industries in the world, providing necessary facilities for human prosperity ranging from the homes in which we live to the highways we drive, the power plants that provide energy for our daily activities, and the very infrastructure on which human society is built.

  6. Architecture for Rapid Change and Scarce Resources

    Architects, development practitioners and designers are working in a global environment and issues such as environmental and cultural sustainability matter more than ever. Past interactions and interventions between developed and developing countries have oftentimes been unequal and inappropriate. We now need to embrace fresh design practices based on respect for diversity and equality, participation and empowerment.

  7. Climate Smart Development in Asia

    Asia is rapidly becoming a major contributor of global greenhouse gas emissions. Also many countries in the region are highly vulnerable to impacts of climate change. With a growing consensus that there is limited time to avoid dangerous climate change, scientists, engineers, economists and policymakers worldwide have begun exploring how developing Asia can capitalize on the transition to a climate-smart development paradigm.

  8. Sustainable Landscape Planning

    The big questions and key purposes of landscape planning during a period of land use pressure and climate change are covered by this book. It takes an inclusive view of landscape, from design to strategy and from physical/professional to cultural/scholarly. It builds on sustainable development and resilience perspectives, and places an emphasis on ways of reversing landscape fragmentation and declining sense of place.

  9. Shipping Law

    New Edition of Shipping Law Out Now

    The 5th edition of Simon Baughen's textbook Shipping Law is now available. This new edition offers a brand new section on arbitration, as well as detailed consideration of recent developments in law from the LOF 2011 and the 2010 Protocol to the HNS Convention. With in-depth commentary and analysis on recent important judical decisions of the Supreme Court in The Cendor Mopu, and of the Court of Appeal in The Eternity, The Wadi Sudr, The Kos, and The Eagle Valencia, this textbook presents fully-to-date and well-balanced coverage of key cases and is an essential reference source for both students and those in practice.

  10. Measuring Wellbeing: Towards Sustainability?

    Improving wellbeing and sustainability are central goals of government, but are they in conflict? This book reviews that question and its implications for public policy through a focus on indicators. It highlights tensions between various constructs of wellbeing and sustainable development, and between current individual and societal notions of wellbeing.

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