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  1. Check out our Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Textbooks 2014 online catalog!

    This catalog features Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health textbooks published by Routledge, Psychology Press, Guilford Press, and CRC Press.

  2. Sino Japanese Relations

    Author of the Month: Michael Yahuda talks about China, Japan and Tigers

    This month, prolific author Michael Yahuda talks about how the two great powers ('tigers') of East Asia compete and cooperate with each other. His brand new textbook, Sino-Japanese Relations after the Cold War explores in detail the ways in which politics has shaped the thinking about history and identity in both China and Japan and explains the role political leadership in each country has played in shaping their respective nationalisms.

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  3. A Counselor’s Introduction to Neuroscience

    Praise for A Counselor’s Introduction to Neuroscience:

    "This is the book the field of clinical counseling has been waiting for! In the typical writing style of both Dr. McHenrys, it offers readers an easy-to-read, intelligent, comprehensive picture of the dynamic evolution of neuroscience and provides readers with accessible explanations of the exciting and pragmatic methods for working effectively with people seeking growth and enhanced well-being. It is a must-have addition to any mental-health practitioner's assortment of tools."

    —Kathryn MacCluskie, PhD, Cleveland State University, USA

  4. NEW: The Study of Religion: A Reader

    "...a thoughtful and creative selection of works on religion and ritual from a variety of disciplinary, historical, and cultural perspectives."

    In this new collection the editors present a selection of key writings that reflect a broad range of voices on the nature and practice of the discipline, illustrating the spectrum of ideas that people throughout history have had when considering how to understand and study religion. Learn more | View TOC

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  5. Water Security

    The purpose of this book is to present an overview of the latest research, policy, practitioner, academic and international thinking on water security – an issue that, like water governance a few years ago, has developed much policy awareness and momentum with a wide range of stakeholders. As a concept it is open to multiple interpretations and the authors here set out the various approaches to the topic from different perspectives.

  6. And now, Introducing the Language of the News: A Students Guide - M. Grazia Busa

    " innovative and practical volume that is highly recommended to students, teachers and scholars of English, Linguistics, Communication and Journalism."

    Introducing the Language of the News is a comprehensive introduction to the language of news reporting. Written by an experienced researcher and teacher, the book features:

    • Comprehensive coverage of both print and online news
    • A range of contemporary examples from the international press
    • Chapter summaries, activities, sample analyses and commentaries

    Read more | View Table of Contents

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  7. Exploring Intercultural Communication: Language in Action - Zhu Hua

    "With its multitude of captivating examples and stimulating case studies this book will thoroughly engage students interested in understanding intercultural negotiations."

    This new book brings together current and emerging strands and themes in the field by examining how intercultural communication permeates our everyday life, what we can do to achieve effective and appropriate intercultural communication, and why we study language, culture and identity together.

    Including global examples from a range of genres, this book is an essential read for students taking language and intercultural communication modules within Applied Linguistics, TESOL, Education or Communication Studies courses. Read more | View Table of Contents

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  8. NEW: Literature and the Bible: A Reader

    This book traces the emergence and development of Literature and the Bible as a field of scholarship, presenting key critical essays alongside more recent criticism. Biblical stories, characters, motifs and references permeate the whole of the Western literary tradition, and in the last thirty years there has been a growth of critical interest in this relationship. This volume brings together a selection of the key critical and theoretical materials from this time.

    Essential reading for anyone studying Literature and the Bible on English, Religion and Theology courses. Read more | View Table of Contents

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  9. Featured Authors: Richard Jackson Harris and Fred W. Sanborn

    An interview with Richard Jackson Harris and Fred W. Sanborn, authors of A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication, 6e, in which they discuss the Third Person Effect, explain what makes this textbook unique and describe new features in the latest edition... 

  10. August 2013 Textbook of the Month

    American Education
    A History, 5th Edition
    By Wayne J. Urban, Jennings L. Wagoner, Jr.

    Complimentary Exam Copy

    Chronologically organized, this book provides an objective overview of each major period in the development of American education, setting the discussion against the broader backdrop of national and world events. New to this much-anticipated fifth edition is substantial expanded attention to the discussions of Native American education to reflect recent scholarship, the discussion of teachers and teacher leaders, and the educational developments and controversies of the 21st century.

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