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  1. Psychopathology, 3rd Edition

    This is the most up-to-date text about the etiology and treatment of the most important psychological disorders. Intended for first-year graduate students in clinical and counseling psychology, the third edition of Psychopathology continues to focus on research and empirically supported information while also challenging students to think critically. The length, organization, content, and level and style of writing are consistently tailored to the audience, and the disorders discussed are the ones most frequently encountered by students in their training and subsequent clinical careers. A new section addresses child and adolescent disorders, while updated sections include dimensional approaches, the biological bases of psychopathology, learning theories, developmental psychopathology, dissociative disorders, mental health and aging, and mood disorders. This valuable teaching tool is not only appropriate for students, but also professionals, who will continue to refer to it as a reference.

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  2. English Legal System

    Great Online Resources with Law Textbooks

    Did you know that the two new textbooks published in our range of legal research skills and systems books have a range of online resources that benefit tutor and student? The third edition of Legal English by Rupert Haigh combines and integrates print and online elements. You can see what is available on the companion website here.

    The 13th edition of The English Legal System by Gary Slapper and David Kelly published in March. This authoritative and respected textbook benefits from a companion website that has been described by Richard Lee, Senior Lecturer in Law at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK as 'one of the best sets of online resources I have ever seen'. You can find more information about this comprehensive resource today.

  3. Now Available: The British Palaeolithic

    Filling a major gap in teaching resources, The British Palaeolithic provides the first academic synthesis of the entire British Palaeolithic, from the earliest occupation to the end of the Ice Age.

  4. Ecological Public Health, Reshaping the Conditions for Good Health

    What is public health? To some, it is about the infrastructure for health – drains, water, food, housing. These require engineering and expert management. To others, it is the State using medicine or health education and tackling unhealthy lifestyles. This book argues that public health thinking needs an overhaul, a return to and modernisation around ecological principles.

  5. Fundamentals of Sustainable Development

    The concept and practice of sustainable development is of global importance today. The impact of development needs to be considered beyond the narrow focus of economic, ecological or social concerns.

  6. The Sociology of Food and Agriculture

    As interest has increased in topics such as the globalization of the agrifood system, food security, and food safety, the subjects of food and agriculture are making their way into a growing number of courses in disciplines within the social sciences and the humanities, like sociology and food studies.

  7. The Power of Accounting

    ‘The Power of Accounting’-In the authors words

    Author Lawrence Lewis has written a little about his new book The Power of Accounting and what readers can expect from it. Lawrence also provides an overview as to who this book might be useful for and why.

    Why not have a little read.

    Click here to take a look at some more information or to order a copy of The Power of Accounting: What the Numbers Mean and How to Use Them.

  8. Jurisprudence

    New Textbooks Now Available

    Routledge Law is pleased to announce that a number of new textbooks are now available. Covering Jurisprudence, Evidence and Family Law, these textbooks are an essential purchase for anyone studying these subjects. Read on for more details.

  9. Technology, Crime and Justice

    JUST PUBLISHED-Technology, Crime and Justice

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  10. Author Q&A – You Ask, Our Authors Answer

    Our Banking and Finance authors answer your questions

    This May we publish our topical, and incredibly timely title: Routledge Library Editions: Banking and Finance. To celebrate, we’re conducting our first online author/reader Q&A – your chance to broil three of the title’s authors: Timothy Morris, Professor of Management Studies at the University of Oxford; Robert Dixon, Dean and Professor of Management Accounting at the University of Durham, and Nicholas Snowden, Senior Lecturer in Economics at Lancaster University, on issues relating to the world of banking and finance.

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