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  1. July 2013 Textbook of the Month

    Doing Critical Literacy
    Texts and Activities for Students and Teachers

    By Hilary Janks, Kerryn Dixon, Ana Ferreira, Stella Granville, Denise Newfield

    Complimentary Exam Copy

    Compelling and highly engaging, this text shows teachers at all levels how to do critical literacy in the classroom and provides models for practice that can be adapted to any context. Integrating social theory and classroom practice, it brings critical literacy to life as a socio-cultural orientation to the teaching of literacy that takes seriously the relationship between language and power and orients readers to the social effects of texts.

  2. Rethinking Invasion Ecologies from the Environmental Humanities

    Research from a uniquely humanist perspective has much to offer in interrogating the social and cultural ramifications of invasion ecologies. This book addresses the ongoing community concerns about invasive species and the ecological changes that we will together face in a climate changing world.

  3. Halliday’s Introduction to Functional Grammar, 4th Edition

    "…an invaluable presentation of, and rationale for, the central descriptive apparatus of Halliday's systemic-functional grammar of English…essential reading for all students of English textual structure, teeming with insights." - Michael Toolan, University of Birmingham, UK

    Fully updated and revised, this 4th edition of Halliday's Introduction to Functional Grammar explains the principles of systemic functional grammar, enabling the reader to understand and apply them in any context. The standard reference text in the field; this book provides the ideal introduction for students and scholars interested in the relation between grammar, meaning and discourse. Read more.

    Follow this link if you are teaching and would like to request a complimentary exam copy to consider adopting for your course.

  4. Introducing Functional Grammar, 3rd Edition

    "...a most worthwhile introduction to systemic functional grammar and should be on the bookshelf of those working in the TESOL field." - Margaret Bade, NZSAL

    In this updated third edition, Geoff Thompson provides a user-friendly overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of the systemic functional grammar model. Based closely on the 4th edition of Halliday and Matthiessen's Introduction to Functional Grammar, this book is the essential entry guide to Hallidayan functional grammar. Read more.

    Follow this link if you are teaching and would like to request a complimentary exam copy to consider adopting for your course.

  5. June 2013: Textbook of the Month

    Streamlined ID
    A Practical Guide to Instructional Design

    By Miriam Larson, Barbara B. Lockee

    Complimentary Exam Copy

    Streamlined ID: A Practical Guide to Instructional Design presents a focused and generalizable approach to instructional design and development – one that addresses the needs of ID novices, as well as practitioners in a variety of career environments. Emphasizing the essentials and "big ideas" of ID, Streamlined ID presents a new perspective – one that aims to produce instruction that is sustainable, optimized, appropriately redundant, and targeted at continuous improvement.

  6. Biosecurity

    Biosecurity is the assessment and management of potentially dangerous infectious diseases, quarantined pests, invasive (alien) species, living modified organisms, and biological weapons. This introductory volume presents biosecurity as a multidisciplinary governance approach to a set of concerns that span protection against all of these threats.

  7. Textbook - Qualitative Research in the Health Sciences

    This comprehensive text discusses methods and processes including interviewing and analysis; group work and analysis; narrative analysis; and discourse analysis.

    This is a suitable textbook for advanced students and researchers in all health-related disciplines, including nursing, midwifery, public health, and physiotherapy. Instructors can request an exam copy.

  8. An Introduction to Literary Studies, 3rd Edition

    In this classic beginner's guide to English literature, Mario Klarer offers a concise and accessible discussion of central issues in the study of literary texts. Now in its third edition, An Introduction to Literary Studies has been updated to include: a wider range of textual examples from world literature, additional references to contemporary cinema, a section on comparative literature, an extended survey of literary periods and genres, and much more. Read more here.

    Follow this link if you are teaching and would like to receive a complimentary exam copy to consider for adopting.

  9. Understanding Intercultural Communication - Negotiating a Grammar of Culture

    Understanding Intercultural Communication provides a practical framework to help students analyze intercultural communication. Underpinned by a new grammar of culture developed by Adrian Holliday, this book incorporates examples and activities to enable students and professionals to investigate culture on very new, entirely non-essentialist lines. Read more here.

    Follow this link if you are teaching and would like to request a complimentary exam copy to consider adopting for your course.

  10. Politics Textbook Catalog

    Looking for the ideal Politics textbook for your teaching?

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