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  1. 5 minutes with Eric Shapiro and David Mackmin (November 2012)

    Chartered surveyors, and authors of our new Property title, Modern Methods of Valuation (11th Edition), Eric Shapiro and David Mackmin, have taken 5 minutes out of their busy schedules to talk about the books success, challenges of their careers, and some advice for students currently studying real estate.

  2. Archaeology in the Making

    Archaeology in the Making is a collection of bold statements about archaeology, its history, how it works, and why it is more important than ever.

    Exploring theory, practice, politics and personal experience, this new handbook provides an overview of archaeology in the second half of the 20th century. With contributions from some of the world's leading archaeologists,it is the ideal archaeological reference for under graduate study

    Recommend this to your librarian here

  3. LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK -  To Design Landscape

    To Design Landscape sets out a distinctively practical philosophy of design, in accessible format. Based on the notion that landscape design is a form-based craft addressing environmental processes and utility, Dee establishes a framework for approaching such craft with modesty and ingenuity, using the concept of "esthetics of thrift".

    Not sure that this is the right book for your course?  Then take a peek inside by following the link  here

  4. Routledge Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology

    Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology

    Routledge Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology
    A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Practitioners
    Edited by Stephanie Hanrahan, Mark Andersen

  5. Thinkers for Architects Series (November 2012)

    Gadamer for Architects is the latest in the Thinkers for Architects series.

    If you would like a copy of of our latest leafleet about the series please click here.

  6. The Chinese City

    The Chinese City

    The Chinese City
    By Weiping Wu, Piper Gaubatz
    The Chinese City offers a critical understanding of China’s urbanization,exploring how the complexity of the Chinese city both conforms to and defies conventional urban theories and experience of cities elsewhere around the world. This comprehensive book contains a wealth of up-to-date statistical information, case studies, and suggested further reading to demonstrate the diversity of urban life in China.


  7. Fundamentals of Developmental Psychology: Second Edition

    This new edition of the highly successful Fundamentals of Development: The Psychology of Childhood has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the exciting new findings in the thriving area of developmental psychology. As in the previous edition, the book follows a thematic approach and outlines the main areas of developmental psychology, including classic theories and studies, and offers a broad overview of contemporary research in the field.

  8. Visual Perception: An Introduction: Third Edition

    Vision is our most dominant sense. From the light that enters our eyes to the complex cognitive processes that follow, we derive most of our information about what things are, where they are, and how they move from our vision.

  9. Civil War America: A Social and Cultural History with Primary Sources

    "Civil War America offers readers a remarkably insightful and comprehensive collection of essays on the social and cultural history of the home front and the battlefield. Students and professors alike will find the essays accessible and substantive, perfect for sparking classroom discussions of this vital era." Jonathan D. Wells, author of A House Divided (Routledge)

    Civil War America reveals how Americans, both Northern and Southern, lived during the Civil War—the ways they worked, expressed themselves artistically, organized their family lives, treated illness, and worshipped. Complemented by a dedicated companion website Civil War America uncover seismic shifts in the cultural and social landscape of the United States, providing the perfect addition to any course on the Civil War. Read more here.

  10. Irish Civilization: An Introduction - Arthur Aughey, John Oakland

    "A comprehensive well-written academic guidebook to Ireland’s past and present" - Dr Ivan Gibbons, St Mary’s University College, UK

    Irish Civilization is the perfect background to Ireland until 1921 and the development of Ireland and Northern Ireland since 1921. Authored by Arthur Aughey, a well respected figure in the field of Irish politics and John Oakland a prominent author in civilization studies, this book is a vital introduction to the complex history of Ireland.

    An essential resource for students of Irish Studies and general readers alike. Course leaders may request their complimentary exam copy by clicking here.


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