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  1. The Cuban Missile Crisis

    For thirteen days in October of 1962, a truly perilous flirtation with nuclear war developed between the United States and USSR, as the superpowers argued over the installation of Soviet nuclear weapons in Cuba. In six concise chapters, Alice George introduces the history of Cold War America and contextualizes its political, social, and cultural legacy. This will be a must-read for anyone looking for an in-depth summary of these important events.

    Please follow this link if you are teaching and would like to receive a complimentary copy to consider for adoption.

  2. April 2013: Textbook of the Month

    Teaching Language Arts to English Language Learners
    2nd Edition

    By Anete Vásquez, Angela L. Hansen, Philip C. Smith

    Published March 11th 2013 by Routledge – 232 pages

    Series: Teaching English Language Learners across the Curriculum

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    Complimentary Exam Copy 

    This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Teaching Language Arts to English Language Learners provides readers with the comprehensive understanding of both the challenges that face ELLs and ways in which educators might address them in the language arts classroom.  

  3. Journalism of Ideas

    Journalism of Ideas

    Brainstorming, Developing, and Selling Stories in the Digital Age
    By Daniel Reimold

    Journalism of Ideas is a comprehensive field guide for brainstorming, discovering, reporting, digitizing, and pitching news, opinion, and feature stories within journalism 2.0.

  4. The Transgender Studies Reader 2

    "This volume has done what seems impossible: to capture, with something that feels like totality, the creativity, passion, and power of transgender studies in the academy. Astonishing in its breadth." - Margot Canaday - author of The Straight State

    Exploring new developments in the vibrant field of transgender and gender studies, this refreshing textbook brings together emerging trends and themes into a single volume, making it ideal for teaching and research.

    Please follow this link if you are teaching and would like to receive a complimentary copy to consider for adoption.

  5. Building Services Handbook 7th Edition (April 2013)

    This seventh edition of Hall and Greeno's leading textbook, Building Services Handbook has been reviewed and updated in relation to the latest building and water regulations, new technology, and new legislation, and even more design calculations have been added. In addition, topics such as: alternative sources of natural energy, solar, ground source, heat pumps, renewable energy sources, geothermal methods, and wind power, are now covered.

    For more information about the book click here Building Services Handbook

  6. The Conservation Movement: A History of Architectural Preservation (January 2013)

    Miles Glendinning’s new book,The Conservation Movement: A History of Architectural Preservation authoritatively presents, for the first time, the entire history of this architectural Conservation Movement, and traces its dramatic fluctuations in ideas and popularity, ending by questioning whether its recent international ascendancy can last indefinitely.

    To take a look inside the book click here

    With the aquistion of Donhead Publishing we have even more architecture conservation titles on offer. To take a look at the whole range of books available click here

  7. Sir Richard Branson Introduces…

    We invite you to take a sneak peak at the foreword by Sir Richard Branson in The Air Logistics Handbook by Michael Sales

  8. Interpersonal Communication

    Putting Theory into Practice
    By Denise Solomon and Jennifer Theiss

    'Solomon and Theiss do a masterful job of translating cutting-edge scholarship into an accessible format. Their work offers a delicate blend of scholarship coupled with practical skill-building activities, creative exercises, and thought-provoking reflection questions. Their enthusiasm for the subject matter leaps off every page. Instructors and students alike will no doubt find this book to be an indispensable part of their interpersonal communication course.'
    - Leanne Knobloch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

  9. New - Language and Identity in Englishes

    In Language and Identity in Englishes, Urszula Clark examines the core issues and debates surrounding the relationship between English, language and identity. Drawing on a range of international examples and using both cutting-edge fieldwork and her own original research, Clark's new textbook is the perfect companion for students taking modules in language and identity or sociolinguistics.

    If you would like to receive a complimentary copy to consider for use in your teaching, please follow think link.

  10. New Edition - The Functional Analysis of English

    "Very clear introduction to difficult concepts - great exercises" - Dr Sheena Gardner, University of Warwick, UK

    Providing the ideal introduction to the analysis and description of English, based on the principles of systemic functional linguistics, the third edition of this indispensible textbook has been revised and updated to incorporate references to recent research, better explanations of complex problems, and additional exercises.

    If you're teaching a related course and would like to request a copy to consider for adoption, please follow this link.

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