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  1. The Public History Reader

    "This will become an essential text for all those interested in the interrogation of everyday experience, who regard history as a social form of knowledge, the work of a thousand different hands." - Paul Gough, The University of the West of England

    More than ever the value of the past is simultaneously recognized and under attack. Who decides what is history and how it should be presented are timely issues. The Public History Reader is the first international reader to explore public history as an everyday practice, combining key texts and material not available either online or in journals.

    If you are teaching a course in public history, historiography, history or heritage studies and would like to receive a complimentary copy to inspect, please follow this link.

  2. Thatcher and Thatcherism, 3rd Edition

    "This is the first text in the field and, as a lecturer, I am very grateful for it." - D. Rothewell, University of Edinburgh

    This fully revised and updated third edition of Thatcher and Thatcherism examines the origins and impact of ‘Thatcherism’ as a cultural construct and an economic creed from the 1970s to the formation of a coalition government in 2010.

    The ideal companion for courses covering British politics and contemporary British history, request your complimentary copy today.

  3. America and China: Will They Ever Work Together?

    Steven Feldman, author of Trouble in the Middle gets to the crux of how American and Chinese executives perceive doing business. The result: a book that will prove helpful to all those looking to expertly navigate Chinese-American business relationships. Why not read an interview with the author?

  4. Construction of Houses 5th edition

    The fifth edition of Construction of Houses is aimed specifically at those students and practitioners who require a broad understanding of building construction as part of a wider sphere of professional activity. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of modern construction and services.

    For more information about the book or to order your complementary exam copy click here

  5. Top Textbook: Creating Effective Community Partnerships for School Improvement

    Creating Effective Community Partnerships for School Improvement
    A Guide for School Leaders
    By Hazel Carter 

    To Be Published March 20th 2013 by Routledge – 216 pages

    Complimentary Exam Copy 

    Creating Effective Partnerships for School Improvement places the school within the community which is composed of a number of key players, including school leaders, classroom teachers, private foundations, higher education institutions, business and community based organizations, and government agencies. 

  6. Religion in Today‚Äôs World: Global Issues, Sociological Perspectives

    Religion is a major force in contemporary society. It is also one of the least understood social and political influences on individuals and communities. In this innovative collection of original essays and classic readings, experts explore the significance of contemporary religiosity: as a source of meaning and motivation, how it unites and divides us, and how it is used politically and culturally. Readers will be introduced to the broad debates in ways that will equip them to analyze, discuss, and make their own judgments about religion and society. This book should be read by anyone interested in understanding religion as a central source of meaning and politics, and is ideally suited for undergraduate teaching on religion and social issues and from a global perspective.

  7. New Textbook! Behavior Analysis and Learning, 5th Edition

    This revised and updated textbook covers the basic principles in the field of behavior analysis and learned behaviors as pioneered by B. F. Skinner to prepare readers to analyze troubling situations, compose behavioral solutions and apply principles effectively. With a strong emphasis on behavioral functions, it covers a range of principles from basic respondent and operant conditioning through applied behavior analysis into cultural design.

  8. The Routledge Reader in Rhetorical Criticism

    Bringing together 50 key readings on rhetorical criticism in a single accessible format, The Routledge Reader in Rhetorical Criticism furnishes instructors with an ideal resource for teaching and practicing the art of rhetorical criticism. Unlike existing readers and textbooks, which rely on cookie-cutter approaches to rhetorical criticism, The  Reader organizes the field conceptually, allowing teachers and students to grapple with the enduring issues and debates surrounding criticism over the past 50 years. Request your complimentary exam copy for your course today.

  9. New Edition. Now Available. Experiencing Jazz.

    Experiencing Jazz, Second Edition, is an integrated textbook with online resources for jazz appreciation and history courses. Through readings, illustrations, timelines, listening guides, and a streaming audio library, it immerses the reader in a journey through the history of jazz, while placing the music within a larger cultural and historical context. Streamlined for your undergrad students with just the right amount of information in learning jazz history/jazz titles, Experiencing Jazz is the textbook for you. Request a complimentary exam copy for your course today. 

  10. Using Industrial-Organizational Psychology for the Greater Good

    This SIOP Organizational Frontiers volume will be one of the first to show how the field of Industrial Organizational psychology can help address societal concerns, and help focus research on the greater good of society. Contributions from worldwide experts showcase the power the IO community has to foster, promote and encourage pro-social efforts.

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