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  1. Shipping Law

    New Edition of Shipping Law Out Now

    The 5th edition of Simon Baughen's textbook Shipping Law is now available. This new edition offers a brand new section on arbitration, as well as detailed consideration of recent developments in law from the LOF 2011 and the 2010 Protocol to the HNS Convention. With in-depth commentary and analysis on recent important judical decisions of the Supreme Court in The Cendor Mopu, and of the Court of Appeal in The Eternity, The Wadi Sudr, The Kos, and The Eagle Valencia, this textbook presents fully-to-date and well-balanced coverage of key cases and is an essential reference source for both students and those in practice.

  2. Measuring Wellbeing: Towards Sustainability?

    Improving wellbeing and sustainability are central goals of government, but are they in conflict? This book reviews that question and its implications for public policy through a focus on indicators. It highlights tensions between various constructs of wellbeing and sustainable development, and between current individual and societal notions of wellbeing.

  3. New Edition: The Roman World

    Teaching about the Roman Empire? The Roman World: 44 BC-AD 180, by Martin Goodman, offers a thorough introduction to the major transformations in Rome, the Mediterranean regions, Northern Europe, and the Near East in this period. The second edition now incorporates findings from recent research and useful features like additional illustrations.

  4. New Edition: The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity

    Now thoroughly revised and updated to take account of recent research, The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity: AD 395-700, by Averil Cameron, offers a clear introduction to late antiquity that also challenges conventional views of the end of the Roman Empire.

  5. Aaron J. Nurick

    ‘The Good Enough Manager’ Are you good enough?

    A brilliant article from Aaron J. Nurick about 'good enough managers' and how just being 'good enough' might be all you need to be a successful manager. 

    Click here to learn more about Aaron J. Nurick's new book The Good Enough Manager:The Making of a GEM and order your copy today!

  6. Featured Book: The Community Development Reader, 2e

    "This updated anthology is a welcome addition for those who teach community development. It is a thorough and comprehensive treatment of the field that covers questions of practice and theory. A new section on globalization and contributions on sustainability make it the best single source for students of community development."

    —Edward G. Goetz, Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

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  7. Redemption, Rehabilitation and Risk Management, Book of the Month, March 2012

    Redemption, Rehabilitation and Risk Management provides the most accessible and up-to-date account of the origins and development of the Probation Service in England and Wales.

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  8. Applied Statistics for the Social and Health Sciences, Book of the Month, March 2012

    Rachel Gordon's Applied Statistics for the Social and Health Sciences is for graduate courses that cover basic univariate and bivariate statistics and regression models for nominal and ordinal outcomes, as well as ordinary least squares regression.

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  9. Introduction to Geopolitics, 2e, Book of the Month, March 2012

    Introduction to Geopolitics provides a framework for understanding contemporary conflicts. The book shows how geography creates both opportunities for and limits upon the actions of countries, national groups, and terrorist organizations.

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  10. Featured Book: Environmental Governance

    Environmental Governance shows how network and market governance have shaped current approaches to environmental issues, while also introducing emerging approaches such as transition management and adaptive governance.

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