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  1. The Sociology of Food and Agriculture

    As interest has increased in topics such as the globalization of the agrifood system, food security, and food safety, the subjects of food and agriculture are making their way into a growing number of courses in disciplines within the social sciences and the humanities, like sociology and food studies.

  2. The Power of Accounting

    ‘The Power of Accounting’-In the authors words

    Author Lawrence Lewis has written a little about his new book The Power of Accounting and what readers can expect from it. Lawrence also provides an overview as to who this book might be useful for and why.

    Why not have a little read.

    Click here to take a look at some more information or to order a copy of The Power of Accounting: What the Numbers Mean and How to Use Them.

  3. Jurisprudence

    New Textbooks Now Available

    Routledge Law is pleased to announce that a number of new textbooks are now available. Covering Jurisprudence, Evidence and Family Law, these textbooks are an essential purchase for anyone studying these subjects. Read on for more details.

  4. Technology, Crime and Justice

    JUST PUBLISHED-Technology, Crime and Justice

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  5. Author Q&A – You Ask, Our Authors Answer

    Our Banking and Finance authors answer your questions

    This May we publish our topical, and incredibly timely title: Routledge Library Editions: Banking and Finance. To celebrate, we’re conducting our first online author/reader Q&A – your chance to broil three of the title’s authors: Timothy Morris, Professor of Management Studies at the University of Oxford; Robert Dixon, Dean and Professor of Management Accounting at the University of Durham, and Nicholas Snowden, Senior Lecturer in Economics at Lancaster University, on issues relating to the world of banking and finance.

  6. Effectual Entrepreneurship

    ‘Effectual Entrepreneurship’ GOLD MEDAL WINNER-2012 Axiom Business Book Awards

    We are very pleased to announce that Effectual Entrepreneurship is GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the Entrepreneurship Category
    in the 2012 Axiom Business Book Awards.

  7. Australian Planner Review of “Spatial Planning and Climate Change”

    Australian Planner recently published a great review of Spatial Planning and Climate Change by Elizabeth Wilson and Jake Piper, describing it as "timely and thorough" and "essential reading for anyone interested in the nexus between spatial planning and climate change."

  8. Featured Book: Surviving Dictatorship

    Jacqueline Adams' Surviving Dictatorship focuses on shantytown women in Pinochet's Chile, examining how they join groups to cope with exacerbated impoverishment and targeted repression, and how this leads them into very varied forms of resistance aimed at self-protection, community-building, and mounting an offensive.

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  9. Featured Book: Strategic Recreation Management

    Jay Shivers and Joseph Halper's Strategic Recreation Management is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles, managerial techniques, and practices in the public administration of recreational services.

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  10. Featured Book: Events Management

    Events Management: An Introduction covers event management in sports, music, the arts, corporate events, tourism, and the public and voluntary sectors

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