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Recent Articles

  1. The Routledge Atlas of Central Eurasian Affairs

    Available Now: The Routledge Atlas of Central Eurasian Affairs

    Providing concisely written entries on the most important current issues in Central Asia and Eurasia, this atlas offers relevant background information on the region’s place in the contemporary political and economic world.

  2. Featured Book: Hospitality Marketing, 2e

    This introductory textbook emphasizes topical issues such as sustainable marketing, corporate social responsibility, and relationship marketing, while explaining how to apply the principles of marketing within the hospitality industry.

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  3. Sports Biomechanics, 2e Book of the Month, December 2011

    Sports Biomechanics, 2e introduces the fundamental principles of the biomechanics of both sports injury and performance. The book also explains how contemporary biomechanical science can be used to both reduce injury risk and improve performance.

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  4. Distributed Urbanism, Book of the Month, December 2011

    Distributed Urbanism: Cities After Google Earth explores the increasingly decentralized systems through which cities are organized and produced, and examines the architectural practices that have emerged as a response

  5. Featured Book: Transitions to Sustainable Development

    New in paperback!

    Transitions to Sustainable Development oultlines the dynamics and governance of long-term change towards sustainable development.

  6. Featured Book: Single-Case Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Psychology

    Single-Case Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Psychology offers a comprehensive introduction to the single-case research process from study design to data analysis and presentation.

  7. Featured Book: Events Management, 3e

    Events Management, 3e is the must-have introductory text providing a complete A-Z of the principles and practices of planning, managing, and staging events.

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  8. Now Available: Introduction to Film Studies, 5th Edition

    This completely revised and updated fifth edition guides students through the key issues and concepts in film studies, traces the historical development of film and introduces some of the worlds key national cinemas. Each chapter is written by a subject specialist, including two new authors for the fifth edition, and is essential reading for any introductory student of film and media studies or the visual arts worldwide. 

  9. Featured Book: Sustainability and Security within Liberal Societies

    New in paperback!

    Sustainability and Security within Liberal Societies explores the implications for sustainability and security of a range of intellectual perspectives on liberalism, such as those of John Rawls, Robert Nozick, Frederick Hayek, Ronald Dworkin, Michael Oakeshott, Amartya Sen and Jürgen Habermas.

  10. Contemporary Critical Criminology, Book of the Month, December 2011

    Walter DeKeseredy's Contemporary Critical Criminology introduces students to the most up-to-date empirical, theoretical, and political contributions made by critical criminologists around the world.

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