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Recent Articles

  1. Critical Approaches to Comics: Theories and Methods, now available

    As the first comprehensive introduction to critical methods for studying comics, Critical Approaches to Comics is the ideal textbook for a variety of courses in comics studies. Contact your Routledge Rep at for more information.

  2. Addictions

    The first edition of Addictions established itself as a valuable resource for students and professionals alike.

    This authoritative new edition builds on the success of the previous book, incorporating advances in research and practice over the last ten years.

    The authors, experts in the field, also include new material on the controversy surrounding the possible positive effects of alcohol and cannabis use, the increased risk of interpersonal violence, and new research on theories of addiction. Addictions will be essential reading for students, professionals and researchers seeking state of the art information about this rapidly growing field.

  3. Understanding Central Asia

    Featured Title: ‘Understanding Central Asia’ by Sally N. Cummings

    Since Soviet collapse, the independent republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have faced tremendous political, economic and security challenges. Focusing on these five republics, this introductory textbook analyzes the contending understandings of the politics of the past, present and future transformations of Central Asia, including its role in the international security context.

  4. Just published: Keyboard Skills for Music Educators

    Keyboard Skills for Music Educators: Score Reading is the first textbook equip future educators with the ability to play from an open score at the keyboard. Contact your Routledge Rep at for more information.

  5. Featured Book: Destination Brands, 3e

    Destination Brands, 3e discusses the new ways in which tourist destinations are employing branding in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. The book also examines stratedgies for marketing, and questions how much of a tourist spot's results from branding.

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  6. Featured Book: The Economics of Recreation, Leisure and Tourism, 4e

    The fourth edition of The Economics of Recreation, Leisure and Tourism applies economic theory to a range of current tourism industry issues at the consumer, business, national, and international level.

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  7. Foundations of Sports Coaching, Book of the Month, October 2011

    Written specifically for students and practitioners of sports coaching, The Foundations of Sports Coaching teaches the basic skills, knowledge, and scientific background to prepare athletes tactically, physically and mentally.

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  8. Featured Book: Strength and Conditioning

    Strength and Conditioning offers a concise, comprehensive overview of training for athletic performance.

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  9. Understanding Cities, Book of the Month, October 2011

    Alexander Cuthbert (University of New South Wales) builds upon the base of his previous works, Designing Cities and The Form of Cities, in this thought-provoking book.

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  10. Featured Book: The Good City

    Drawing on almost sixty years of professional experience, Allan Jacobs guides the reader through the lessons he’s learned as a planner and lover of cities, and argues that cities ought to be the ultimate manifestation of society’s collective achievements.

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