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  1. City Reader, 5e, Book of the Month, March 2011

    This new edition of the City Reader, edited by Richard T. LeGates (San Francisco State University) and Frederic Stout (Stanford University), provides instructors and students with the best classic and contemporary writings on the city. It is essential reading for any course in Urban Sociology, Urban Geography, Urban Planning, and Architectural Theory.


  2. Security Studies Reader Cover

    New International Security Titles Published January to March 2011

    A selection of our new titles published in International Security this month. Highlights include titles by J. Peter Burgess, Alex Schmid and Paul Wilkinson amongst others.

  3. Featured Book: Carbon Management in Tourism

    Carbon Management in Tourism by Stefan Gössling (Lund University) is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as academic researchers interested in Tourism, Environmental Management, Geography and Carbon Management.

  4. Featured Book: Key Themes in Youth Sport

    Key Themes in Youth Sport by Ken Green (University of Chester) is an essential text for any course related to young people’s relationship with sport, exercise and leisure.

  5. Featured Book: Social Statistics

    "Finally, here is a Statistics textbook that I can assign to my students without apology or reservation. It manages the tricky feat (I’d once believed it impossible) of being highly accessible to introductory students while still containing enough depth and nuance of more advanced topics, as used in real research contexts and as I teach them in my course."

    —Nathan Wright, Sociology, Bryn Mawr College

  6. Celebrity Culture and the American Dream, Book of the Month, March 2011

    Celebrity Culture and the American Dream by Karen Sternheimer (University of Southern California) is an ideal text for Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Culture, or just general interest! In addition, the companion website has excellent resources for instructors.

  7. Economic Geography, Book of the Month, March 2011

    Economic Geography by Andrew Wood and Sue Roberts (both at the University of Kentucky) is an excellent text for any course geared towards examining the world's changing economic geographies.

  8. Theories and Practices of Development, 2e, Book of the Month, March 2011

    'Katie Willis weaves together diverse and engaging case study examples from around the world with a balanced synthesis of the complex topic that is development.' 

    The Geographical Journal, 2006

  9. A Theory of African American Offending, Book of the Month, March 2011

    A Theory of African American Offending by James Unnever (University of South Florida-Sarasota-Manatee) and Shaun L. Gabbidon (Penn State Harrisburg), is an ideal text for graduate and undergraduate courses in both race and criminal justice.

  10. Modern South Asia

    Pankaj Mishra Recommends Modern South Asia: History, Culture, Political Economy

    The Indian essayist and novelist Pankaj Mishra has recommended Modern South Asia: History, Culture and Political Economy as the perfect book to help understand the history of India. Read the full article.

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