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  1. Crime and Terrorism Risk, Book of the Month, May 2011

    This collection of original articles shows how researchers, experts and the public are beginning to think about crime and terrorism issues in terms of a new risk paradigm that emphasizes establishing a balance between threat and resources in developing prevention and response strategies. Crime and Terrorism Risk is an excellent text for courses examining Military and Strategic Studies; Security Studies, Human Rights Law and Civil Liberties; or social policy.

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  2. Featured Book: Stargazing

    Using compelling, real-life examples involving popular celebrities, Kerry O. Ferris (Northern Illinois University) and Scott R. Harris (St. Louis University) examine how the experience and meanings of celebrity are shaped by social norms, interactional negotiations, and interpretive storytelling. This is an ideal book for both introductory sociology classes or courses in social psychology, media, and popular culture.

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  3. Sociologists Backstage, Book of the Month, May 2011

    "The stories in Sociologists Backstage tell how the contributors, who differ in so many ways, dealed with the situations they found themselves in as they did their research, and how who they were and what they had become in their lives intersected with those situations. The stories will fascinate you, and give you a lot to think about as you go ahead with your own research adventure."from the foreword by Howard Becker

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  4. Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds, Book of the Month, May 2011

    Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds contains over 25 contributions from leading scholars who have engaged this vital intellectual project from various perspectives, both inside and outside of the field of geography. It is required reading for students, scholars, and interested general readers seeking to understand the new synergies and creative interplay emerging from this broad intellectual engagement with meaning and geographic experience.

  5. The Sports Management Toolkit, Book of the Month, May 2011

    Designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace, The Sports Management Toolkit by Paul Emery (La Trobe University) is a practical guide to the most important management tools and techniques available to those working in the sport and leisure industries; it  is essential reading for all students of sport and leisure management, and for all managers looking to improve their professional practice.

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  6. Featured Book: Managing Sport Finance

    Managing Sport Finance by Robert Wilson (Sheffield Hallam University) is the most useful, comprehensive and accessible introduction to financial management for sport currently available; it is essential reading for any student of sport management or sport development.

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  7. Introducing Japanese Religion

    Introducing World Religions

    Looking for the perfect way to give your students an overview of a religious tradition? The World Religions series offers concise, lively, and informative introductions to Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and more!

  8. Sunburnt Cities, Book of the Month, May 2011

    "Hollander takes on the dominant paradigm of cities attempting to grow out of decline and challenges the common assertion that Sunbelt cities will quickly bounce back from the foreclosure crisis. He combines solid scholarship with engaging narrative to make Sunburnt Cities a must read for planners, policymakers, scholars and anyone interested in the future of these boom-and-bust places."

    —Dan Immergluck, Associate Professor, School of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

  9. Featured Book: Event Policy

    Event Policy: From Theory to Strategy by David McGillivray, Gayle McPherson, and Malcolm Foley (all at the University of the West of Scotland) is a groundbreaking volume; it is essential reading for students, researchers and academics of events and other related disciplines.

  10. Water Resources and Development, Book of the Month, April 2011

    Clive Agnew and Philip Woodhouse's engaging and insightful text offers a unique interdisciplinary analysis by integrating scientific, engineering, social and political perspectives.

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