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Recent Articles

  1. Young People, Place and Identity, Book of the Month, August 2010

    Young People, Place and Identity by Peter E. Hopkins (Northumbria University) offers a rich series of insights into the role of place in young people’s lives.

  2. Foundations of Sports Coaching, Book of the Month, August 2010

    Foundations of Sports Coaching by Paul E. Robinson (University of Chichester) is a new textbook that bridges gap between coaching science and coaching practice.

  3. Planning Textbook Catalog

    The new 2011 planning textbook catalog is now available to view online - to view a copy click here

  4. Architecture Textbook Catalog

    The new 2011 Architecture Textbook Catalog is now available online - to view a copy click here

  5. Building and Construction Textbook Catalog

    The new Building and Construction Textbook lealfet is now available to view online - to view a copy just click here

  6. Civil Engineering Textbook Catalog

    The new civil engineering catalog is now available to view online. Read it online.

  7. Multiracial Americans and Social Class, Book of the Month, August 2010

    Multiracial Americans and Social Class: The Influence of Social Class on Racial Identity, edited by Kathleen Odell Korgen (William Paterson University) is an ideal textbook for courses in race and ethnic studies, social stratification, race relations, and cultural studies.

  8. Contemporary British Art: An Introduction

    Never, according to an article by the art critic Louisa Buck in the Evening Standard magazine last year, has the following quotation from US Museum Director Thomas Hoving, seemed more apt: ‘Art is sexy! Art is money-sexy! Art is money-sexy-social-climbing-fantastic!’ This book provides an introduction to British art, in all its money-sexy glory, from the YBA’s to the present. It covers a range of art forms, from painting and sculpture to video and installation art.

  9. New: Basic Japanese: A Grammar and a Workbook

    Basic Japanese: A Grammar and a Workbook is now available! Find out more about this essential grammar reference book.

  10. Featured Title - Construction Materials

    Reviews from previous editions:

    "Comprehensive and entirely appropriate for our students. Recommended reading." – A lecturer in Architectural Technology, London Southbank University

    "A broad-based, yet sufficiently deep materials book to cover most undergraduate materials needs." – A lecturer in Construction Materials, Kingston University

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