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    Featured Title - Ethical Issues in Youth Work

    This fully updated new edition of Ethical Issues in Youth Work presents a comprehensive overview and discussion of the core ethical dilemmas facing youth workers in their everyday practice. To find out more, please click here.

  2. Youth, Drugs, and Nightlife, Book of the Month, June 2010

    Youth, Drugs, and Nightlife by Geoffrey Hunt, Molly Moloney and Kristin Evans takes the reader inside the electronic dance scene, a text rich with firsthand accounts from ravers, DJ’s, and promoters.

  3. Research Methods for Sports Studies, 2nd Edition, Book of the Month, June 2010

    Now in its second edition, Research Methods for Sports Studies by Chris Gratton, Sheffield Hallam University and Ian Jones, Bournemouth University is still the only dedicated introduction to research methods written specifically for sport studies!

  4. Featured Book: Managerial Economics, 2nd Edition

    This second edition of a successful textbook builds on the solid grounding of the previous edition and its introduction of the key pillars of game theory into managerial decision-making. Taking an international perspective, the book reflects cutting edge developments in economics such as behavioral economics and auction theory and shows how these can be applied in the workplace.

  5. Featured Book: Women in Business

    This book uniquely combines gender theory, case studies, and the legal challenges surrounding the mechanisms of gender discrimination at work.

  6. Now Available! New Directions in American Political Parties

    New Directions in American Political Parties the first published book in our New Directions in American Politics series. This series presents carefully edited volumes covering key areas of study in the field of American politics and government. Each title provides a state-of-the-art overview of current trends in the field, with an eye toward cutting edge research made accessible for advanced undergraduate students.

  7. Atmosphere, Weather and Climate 9/E, Book of the Month, June 2010

    The ninth edition of Atmosphere, Weather and Climate, edited by Roger G. Barry, University of Colorado, Boulder, and Richard J. Chorley provides a comprehensive introduction to weather processes and climatic conditions around the world.

  8. Neo-Bohemia, Book of the Month, June 2010

    The second edition of Neo-Bohemia: Art and Commerce in the Postindustrial City by Richard Lloyd, Vanderbilt University, is now available! This eloquently-written ethnography examines bohemian culture within the broader context of its historical and economic implications.

  9. Featured Book: Good Business

    This illuminating and practical collection of essays addresses the increasingly important topics of corporate ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability in the context of effective global business strategies.

  10. Featured Title: Women’s Movements in Asia

    “Experts in analyzing gender issues offer this unique comparative analysis of the evolution of ‘national essence feminism’ in the context of global feminism. To find out how the women’s movement in twelve Asian nations have fought for bodily autonomy, participation in politics and religion, new definitions of womanhood, changed family relations and much more – this book is the best (indeed the only) one to read.” -- Chilla Bulbeck Professor emerita and visiting research fellow, The University of Adelaide, Australia

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