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  1. Neo-Bohemia, Book of the Month, June 2010

    The second edition of Neo-Bohemia: Art and Commerce in the Postindustrial City by Richard Lloyd, Vanderbilt University, is now available! This eloquently-written ethnography examines bohemian culture within the broader context of its historical and economic implications.

  2. Featured Book: Good Business

    This illuminating and practical collection of essays addresses the increasingly important topics of corporate ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability in the context of effective global business strategies.

  3. Featured Title: Women’s Movements in Asia

    “Experts in analyzing gender issues offer this unique comparative analysis of the evolution of ‘national essence feminism’ in the context of global feminism. To find out how the women’s movement in twelve Asian nations have fought for bodily autonomy, participation in politics and religion, new definitions of womanhood, changed family relations and much more – this book is the best (indeed the only) one to read.” -- Chilla Bulbeck Professor emerita and visiting research fellow, The University of Adelaide, Australia

  4. Criminological Perspectives on Race and Crime 2/E, Book of the Month, May 2010

    Criminological Perspectives on Race and Crime, Second Edition, is the newest title by acclaimed criminologist Shaun L. Gabbidon, Pennsylvania State University. A new addition to Routledge's Criminology and Justice series, the book will work perfectly in courses dealing with criminal justice, crime theory, and race and crime.

  5. Ethnography in Social Science Practice, Book of the Month, May 2010

    Ethnography in Social Science Practice, edited by Julie Scott-Jones, Manchester Metropolitan University and Sal Watt, Liverpool Hope University is a new multidisciplinary text for the Social Sciences. Featuring a range of contemporary and accessible case studies, the book is suitable for both beginners to the subject or those who wish to develop their ethnographic skills further.

  6. Urban Studies Top 5 Bestselling Books

    Browse our bestselling titles in Urban Studies for 2010!

  7. Environment, Media and Communication, Book of the Month, May 2010

    The newest book in the Routledge Introductions to Environment series is now available! Environment, Media and Communication by Anders Hansen, University of Leicester, UK, provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of media coverage, media roles and communication processes regarding the environment.

  8. New and Forthcoming Titles from the Key Ideas in Criminology Series!

    See what's new and upcoming from Routledge's Key Ideas in Criminology series! Key Ideas in Criminology explores the major concepts, issues, debates and controversies in criminology.

  9. Language Learning Book of the Month, May 2010

    Publishing this month is the Routledge Introductory Persian Course by Dominic Parviz Brookshaw and Pouneh Shabani Jadidi. Learn more about the Language Learning Book of the Month for May 2010.

  10. Featured Title: Understanding Counterinsurgency

    Understanding Counterinsurgency provides an introduction to contemporary counterinsurgency (COIN) operations. The contributors address the question 'Don’t we understand COIN by now?' by analyzing the roots of modern Western theory and practice, and in light of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   

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