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  1. Coming Soon: What Media Classes Really Want to Discuss

    You probably already have a clear idea of what a "discussion guide for students" is: a series of not-very-interesting questions at the end of a textbook chapter. Instead of triggering thought-provoking class discussion, all too oftentimes these guides are time-consuming and ineffective.

    This is not that kind of discussion guide…

  2. Strategic Planning for Public Relations

    Implementing the pragmatic, in-depth approach of the previous editions, author Ronald D. Smith presents a step-by-step unfolding of the strategic campaign process used in public relations practice. Drawing from his experience in professional practice and in the classroom, Smith walks readers through the critical steps for the formative research, strategic and tactical planning, and plan evaluation phases of the process.

  3. The Dynamics of Persuasion

    The Dynamics of Persuasion provides a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to persuasive communication and attitude change. Offering a thorough discussion of classic and contemporary theories of persuasion, this text explores the structure and functions of attitudes, consistency between attitude and behavior, and issues in attitude measurement.

  4. International Communication: A Reader

    This comprehensive Reader brings together seminal texts in media and communication from both traditional as well as more recent scholarship.

  5. The Advertising Handbook

    The Advertising Handbook is a critical introduction to the practices and perspectives of advertising.

  6. 10 Featured Books for Theatre and Performance in 2010

    Browse some of our featured books. To find more, visit our 2010 Theatre catalog online.

  7. Urban Geography, Book of the Month, July 2010

    Urban Geography: A Global Perspective, by Michael Pacione, University of Strathclyde provides instructors and students with a comprehensive introduction to the expanding field of Urban Studies, offering a truly global perspective.

  8. Language Learning Book of the Month, June 2010

    Publishing this month is the newest title in the Thinking Translation series, Thinking Chinese Translation by Pellatt Valerie and Liu Tin-Kun. Continue reading for more information on the Language Learning Book of the Month for June 2010.

  9. English Language and Linguistics Book of the Month, June 2010

    Language in the Real World, edited by Susan Behrens and Judith Parker, is now available. This book challenges traditional approaches to linguistics to provide an innovative introduction to the subject. Continue reading for more information on the Linguistics Book of the Month for June 2010.

  10. Featured Book: Tourism in the USA

    Tourism in the USA by Dimitri Ioannides, Mittuniversitetet (Mid-Sweden University) and Dallen Timothy,  Arizona State University is the first book to offer students a comprehensive overview of both tourism and travel in the United States.

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