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  1. Sport, Theory and Social Problems, Book of the Month, July 2011

    Perfect for a Sociology of Sport or Social Theory course, Sport, Theory and Social Problems focuses on non-professional sports and explores how inequality and social deviance are structured into these social and sporting systems.

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  2. Insurgent Public Space, Book of the Month, July 2011

    With nearly twenty illustrated case studies, this volume demonstrates how instances of insurgent public space occur across the world; this book is ideal for students and professionals in Urban Studies, Urban Design, and Urban Geography courses.

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  3. Psychological Criminology, Book of the Month, July 2011

    Psychological Criminology highlights the contributions that psychological theory can make to the broader field of criminology; it is an ideal text for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in both criminology and forensic psychology.

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  4. Featured Book: The Sports Management Toolkit

    Designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace, The Sports Management Toolkit by Paul Emery (La Trobe University) is a practical guide to the most important management tools and techniques available to those working in the sport and leisure industries; it is essential reading for all students of sport and leisure management, and for all managers looking to improve their professional practice.

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  5. Conducting Research in Conservation, Book of the Month, July 2011

    Written for students and professionals studying Conservation, Development Geography, or Environmental Geography, Conducting Research in Conservation is a comprehensive and accessible guide to social science research methods.

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  6. Pursuing Quality of Life, Book of the Month, July 2011

    Using a variety of case studies conducted across North America and Europe, Leonard Nevarez provides a sociological perspective on the contradictory ways in which we talk about and pursue quality of life.

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  7. Featured Book: The City Reader, 5e

    This new edition of The City Reader, edited by Richard T. LeGates (San Francisco State University) and Frederic Stout (Stanford University), provides instructors and students with the best classic and contemporary writings on the city. It is essential reading for any course in Urban Sociology, Urban Geography, Urban Planning, and Architectural Theory.

  8. Featured Book: Theories and Practices of Development, 2e

    'Katie Willis weaves together diverse and engaging case study examples from around the world with a balanced synthesis of the complex topic that is development.'

    —The Geographical Journal, 2006

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  9. Featured Book: Researching Crime and Justice

    Researching Crime and Justice provides an introduction to research and methods in the field of criminal justice and related areas, including police, prisons, and criminal justice policy-making.

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  10. Featured Book: Global Political Ecology

    Global Political Ecology, edited by Richard Peet (Clark University), Paul Robbins (University of Arizona), and Michael Watts (University of California, Berkeley), provides a thorough analysis of the political ecology of war and the disaster state. It is an ideal text for courses in Economic Geography, Environmental Geography, Environmental Politics, and Political Ecology.

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