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Recent Articles

  1. Newly available in paperback

    Tourism Governance
    Critical Perspectives on Governance and Sustainability

    Edited by Bill Bramwell, Bernard Lane

    Tourism Governance Critical Perspectives on Governance and Sustainability brings together leading researchers who assess the interactions of multiple actors associated with tourism governance, and examine new critical perspectives on tourism’s governance in the context of sustainable development. Click here to read more.

  2. Coming Soon

    Tourism and Public Policy
    By James Kennell and Samantha Chaperon

    This new text will, for the first time, critically examine tourism policy alongside the instrumental uses of tourism in other areas of public policy.Click here to read more

  3. China recruits its first foreign Tourism Ambassador

    Hangzhou has just recruited the city’s foreign tourism ambassador for a year, Liam Bates was appointed through a Facebook campaign run by The Hangzhou Tourism Commission that started in March 2013 and attracted almost 26,000 applications from around the world.

    Click here to read more.

  4. The Consuming Geographies of Food

    Diet, Food Deserts and Obesity
    By Hillary J. Shaw

    A comprehensive and multifaceted examination of food consumption from the consumer’s perspective, reviewing the obesity problem, the phenomenon of food deserts, and the issue of exclusion from a healthy diet.

    Click here to read more

  5. The Geography of Tourism and Recreation

    Environment, Place and Space
    By C. Michael Hall, Stephen J. Page

    Significantly updated, with its accessible style and approach this title remains the only book to systematically compare and contrast in a spatial context, tourism and recreation in relation to leisure time.

    Click here to read more

  6. Marketing titles for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

    Have you seen the range of marketing titles from Tourism, Hospitality and Events? Simply click here to browse our titles.

  7. Managing Airports 4th Edition

    An international perspective
    By Anne Graham

    Updated to reflect the many important developments airport management this fourth edition presents a comprehensive and cutting-edge insight into today's international airport industry. Click here to read more.

  8. Free Access - Tourism Marketing and Management

    We are currently offering FREE online access to chapters on selected Tourism Marketing and Management titles. Click here to read more.

  9. Social, Cultural and Economic Impacts of Wine in New Zealand.

    New from Peter J. Howland, this title explores production and consumption in New Zealand's wind industry. Click here to read more

  10. Author C. Michael Hall talks about his book Tourism and Social Marketing

    Author C. Michael Hall the author of Tourism and Social Marketing speaks to us about what got him interested in tourism, how he sees it evolving and why his book needed to be written. Click here for the full interview.

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