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Check out the prelim pages for Central and South-Eastern Europe 2012

Regional Surveys 2012 Catalogue jacket

The first Regional Survey of World to be published this year, Central and South-Eastern Europe 2012, can now be previewed online. Our lovely editorial team has released a collection of preliminary pages from the book for your viewing pleasure. Read on for more info and to see where to download.

Central and South-Eastern Europe 2012 is described by European Access Plus as 'an impressive reference work providing an impartial and invaluable guide to the politics, economy and history of the region.' Offering an attractive mix of analytical essays on recent phenomena in the region, such as the influence of the new EU member states on EU foreign policiy, new economic reports on Poland and Hungary, coverage of recent elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and latest political and economic data, this reference title is always a landmark publication.

To mark the release of the book, which hit the shelves on August 24th, the editorial team has given us a selection of prelim pages, which can now be accessed online. Read the forward from our very own Europa team, which sheds light on how the book has evolved from last year's edition, learn which new essays have been included, which countries are covered, and generally what you can expect from the book. Just click here to download the prelim pages. Enjoy!

We are also very pleased to announce that you can learn about all nine Europa Regional Surveys in our swanky new Online Catalog, which has just been posted online. Discover which new content has been added for 2012, which statistics and data can be accessed by users, and learn how purchasing the individual Surveys as a set can result in significant savings.

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