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Christian Thought: An Interview with the Authors

Christian Thought: A Historical Introduction

Interested in Christian Thought: A Historical Introduction? Read this interview with the authors!

Christian Thought: A Historical Introduction has been making quite a splash! Click here to read the full interview with authors Chad Meister and James Stump on the Evangelical Philosophical Society blog...

‘As we were digging back into original source material from many of the great women and men of Christian history—such intellectual and spiritual giants as St. Paul and St. Anthony, Augustine and Aquinas and Luther, Julian of Norwich and Teresa of Ávila, John Wesley and Karl Barth—you realize that you are in the midst of a beautiful, powerful, life-changing tradition. We couldn’t read through these great works for scholarly purposes alone. We read them and were inspired by them; we read them and were in many ways transformed by them.’ - Chad Meister on writing Christian Thought: A Historical Introduction


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