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Clara Portela wins the THESEUS award for Promising Research on European Integration

European Union Sanctions and Foreign Policy

Routledge author Clara Portela has won the THESEUS Award for Promising Research on European Integration for her book European Union Sanctions and Foreign Policy. The award ceremony took place on Thursday, 24 November 2011 in Cologne, as part of a conference to discuss present challenges and future perspectives of the EU two years after the Lisbon Treaty has come into force.

‘THESEUS – establishing a European society’ is a European network of thinkers, actors and ideas, aiming to foster an open and constructive dialog between academia and politics about the future challenges of Europe. The Award for Promising Research on European Integration is awarded annually and recognises a junior researcher in the area of European integration for an outstanding piece of work that examines an ongoing challenge for the EU and its member states, with regard to institutions, policies or policymaking, or from a comparative perspective and that recommends potential institutional or policy solutions.

The 2011 prize was awarded to Clara Portela, for her book European Union Sanctions and Foreign Policy, which examines when and why sanctions work, enhancing understanding of the EU’s international role. Portela explores ideas such as the suspension of development aid and the withdrawal of trade privileges, considering the relevance of classical sanctions theory and what determines their success.

Congratulations Professor Portela!


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THESEUS is a common initiative of the Centre d’études européennes de Sciences Po Paris, the Jean Monnet Chair for Political Science at the University of Cologne, the Trans European Policy Studies Association and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Cologne.
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Clara Portela is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Singapore Management University, Singapore. Her research interests focuses on foreign policy of the European Union, international security, sanctions and arms control and disarmament.