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  1. Museum in China harboring thousands of fake artefacts

    The 60 million yuan Jibaozhai Museum opened in China in 2010 in the midst of a culture boom that sees many new museums opening every year. However, the ticket offices were shut this week amid claims that “many of the 40,000 exhibits were in fact knock-offs which had been bought for between 100 yuan and 2,000 yuan” (Tom Philips, The Telegraph). This has caused a media storm, with satirical comments and criticisms reaching the attention of journalists worldwide.

  2. BASES – British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

    BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK. It was formerly known as BASS – the British Association of Sports Sciences and was founded in September 1984. Routledge has been a supporter of BASES for a number of years by providing book prizes for their conferences and offering discounts on all our sport titles to their members. For more information, please visit their website:

  3. Chief Rabbi starts a media storm in Poland

    This week a media storm has broken out, because Poland’s chief Rabbi has linked the Polish parliament's decision to Nazi propaganda.

    Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich said he could not imagine “continuing as chief rabbi in a country where Jews are not complete”. He continued to say that “it is the worst decision in the history of the parliament against Jews and Muslims.”

  4. Part One

    Arabiyyat al-Naas: A Groundbreaking New Three-Part Course in Arabic

    ‘Arabiyyat al-Naas is a pioneering three-part series of Arabic textbooks which together provide a complete three-year undergraduate language program. It offers a vibrant approach to Arabic as it is written and spoken by native speakers, combining a progressive and rigorous grounding in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) with an innovative integration of the spoken Levantine variety used in everyday situations in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine.

  5. Listen to Dennis Deninger

    Why not take a listen to Dennis Deninger, author of Sports on Television: The How and Why Behind What You See, on New Books in Sports, the podcast that 'offers sports talk that will make you smarter' !

  6. Sport, Exercise and Leisure Catalog 2013

    Our 2013 Sport, Exercise and Leisure Catalog is now avaiable to browse online, featuring the full collection of new titles for 2013, as well as our key backlist, for students, instructors, researchers and professors.You will find whatever you need to further your own research or professional interests, challenge and support your students, or to provide essential reference materials for your institutional library.

  7. Launch of ‘Sport Management in the Middle East’

    Mohammed Ben Sulayem, Sean O'Connor and David Hassan, recently celebrated the publication of their new book, Sport Management in the Middle East, at the booklaunch in Abu Dhabi, with His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan (UAE Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development) .

  8. Effective Risk Communication

    This book brings together the world's leading risk researchers and practitioners to examine risk communication in research and in practice and explore how to make it more effective in future. Beginning with the evolution of risk communication, the book presents the seminal papers on risk communication of the last twenty-five years along with newly written commentaries by the original authors.

  9. Summer Conferences which Routledge Books will be attending

    Routledge will have bookstalls at various conferences over the coming summer months. Stop by to say hello, browse our titles and get 20% discount for delegates!


  10. Sport in Capitalist Society

    A Short History
    By Tony Collins

    • Why are the Olympic Games the driving force behind a clampdown on civil liberties?
    • What makes sport an unwavering ally of nationalism and militarism?
    • Is sport the new opiate of the masses?

    These and many other questions are answered in this new radical history of sport by leading historian of sport and society, Professor Tony Collins.


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