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December 2010: Commonsense Methods for Children with Special Educational Needs, 6ed

In this era of inclusive education it is essential that all teachers have a sound understanding of the nature of students’ special educational needs and how these needs may best be met in the classroom. Not only must teachers understand and accept students with disabilities and learning problems, but they must also possess a wide range of teaching and management strategies. Similar knowledge and skills are also required by classroom assistants and other personnel working in a support role in schools. This book offers sound practical advice on assessment and intervention based on the latest research evidence from the field.

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This fully revised and updated sixth edition includes chapters on:

* general and specific learning difficulties
* students with autism
* intellectual, physical or sensory impairments
* self-regulation
* social skills
* behavior management
* literacy and numeracy
* curriculum adaptation
* teaching methods

In addition, the book presents a new chapter on the special needs of gifted and talented students.

The practical advice the author gives throughout the book is embedded within a clear theoretical context supported by current research and classroom practice.

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