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Directing in Musical Theatre by Joe Deer

Directing in Musical Theatre

What is a director’s job in a musical? And how do they begin to prepare for such a collaborative process?

Want to know the key to creating a successful musical production? Then read on…

Author Joe Deer's book Directing in Musical Theatre helps aspiring directors along their production journey; from receiving the script to the closing night and post-mortem. Deer explains the key to creating a successful musical production via five important phases:

  • conception
  • collaboration
  • rehearsal
  • production
  • performance.

An extract from introduction of Directing in Musical Theatre:

A director’s job in a musical

Directors tell stories. While others usually write those stories, the director guides their telling. He or she decides what’s important to highlight in the text and how the story will be expressed, and then takes the audience on a journey into and through that world. In a successful production of even the most complex script, the story emerges clearly and richly for the audience. Arriving at that kind of clarity tales a great deal of preparation and craft. In the musical theater, this task can be geometrically more complex than in many plays. Yet, the obligation to guide your production with clarity remains. This book is for those of you who take on this task.

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